How to Install Android Game from Different Region

Install android game from different region
Install android game from different region

Have you ever found some android games or apps from a website and want to install it, but those android games or apps are not available in your region? For example Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia is not available for Southeast Asia region. You do not need to go to that certain region only to install those games or apps. We have a smart solution to install android game from different region. What you need is just follow this simple steps.

Here are the steps:

  1. New Google Account.

What you need first is a new Google account with different region. Make a new Google account (here), fill the information, in location section, choose your location to the region that those games or apps is available.

  1. VPN

Download and install VPN app. This VPN is to change your current IP address into another IP address. By running that VPN, Google Play Store will not detect your current location through your IP address. You can find some VPN application in the Google Play Store. We recommend  VPN master because it is easy to use.

  1. Clear Data

You need to remove your current Google Play Store data and change it into your new Google account. Go to setting → Apps → find Google Play Store → Clear Data.

  1. Add and Remove Google Account

Remove your current Google Play Store account (Do not need to worry, you can switch again after the installation complete) and switch into your new one. Go to setting → Account & sync → Find your current Account, Remove it → Add your new Google Account.

  1. Download and Installing the Games/Apps

Now the preparation is complete, then we proceed into the downloading and installation steps. Run the VPN → Go to the website that provide the game/app link → That link should direct you into the Google Play Store → Voila, that game should be ready to be downloaded and installed.

Those are some simple steps how to install android game from different region.

Hope this article will be useful.



  1. After finished installing the app/game, do we need to maintain VPN to play/use them? Or do we only need this steps to install them only?

    • After you finished the installation step,you can turn off the VPN.

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