Secret Guide How to Play Hylos Like a Pro

How to Play Hylos like a Pro

How to Play Hylos like a Pro

Mobile Legends : Bang Bang has become one of the most downloaded MOBA game for Android and IOS. They have been releasing many heroes, one of them is Hylos. In this article we are going to give some guides about how to play Hylos like a pro. Hylos is a tank heroes, but by following this tips, you as a Hylos will not only be tank but also can become a deadly attacker.

Here are some guides about how to play Hylos like a pro:

  1. Attributes

How to Play Hylos like a Pro
Hylos Attributes

Before we go to the game play, first we have to know this tank basic attributes. By learning his basic attributes we can know his strength and weakness so we can use this hero more properly.

  • This hero has a very large HP. Even among all of Mobile Legends heroes, Hylos own the highest HP. He has 3309 Health Point, while the other tanks are around 2500-2800.
  • Compare with his HP, Hylos has a very small Armor and Magic Resistance. It is 27 for armor and 10 for magic resistance.
  • The other attributes like movement speed, physical attack, mana, attack speed, HP regen and Mana regen, are on the average just like other tanks.
  1. Skills

How to Play Hylos like a Pro
Hylos skill

Hylos has unique skills as tank. His skills are more on support and attack rather than on defense. So if we can maximize his skills he can become a really deathly tank.

  • Passive:[Thickened Blood]

Every 1 points of mana received from equipment and emblems, will also give Hylos 1.5 points of health. When mana is not enough, health can be used to cast skills instead.

This passive skill grants Hylos more on his health point along with his mana point. Besides, with his great amount of Health Point, Hylos can use his HP to cast skill when his mana is not enough. It makes Hylos can cast his skill anytime without worrying his mana.

  • Skill 1:[Law and Order]

Stores nature’s energy to lock down the target and deals 300 (+80% Total Magic Power) Points of Magical damage and stuns for 1s.

This skill is very useful to stun your enemy with a very high mobility like Fany, Saber, Hayabusha, etc. It also gives a high magical damage to the enemy.

  • Skill 2:[Ring of Punishment]

Releases the power of the centaurs to summon a Ring of Punishment. Every second dealing 95 (20% Total Magic Power) points of Magical Damage to surrounding enemies, and also stacks Warden Fury. Every stack of Warden’s Fury will reduce the enemy’s movement speed by 6% and their attack speed by 5%. Enemies will also take 7.5% more damage from Ring of Punishment. Warden’s Fury can stack a maximum of 10 times. Ring of Punishment will continuously use mana when it is active.

This skill is the most deadly skill that Hylos has. When Hylos casts this skill, he deals damage to surrounding enemies. The longer enemies in Hylos’ Ring, the more damage they received and the longer enemies in Hylos’ Ring the slower they get.

This skill is like a double-edged sword. It can become very deadly, but also it can kill you. When you cast this skill, it will continuously drain your mana. After you running out of mana, it will consume your HP. So you have to use this skill wisely, and directly turn this skill off when you do not use it.

  • Ultimate:[Glorious Pathway]

Creates a pathway that lasts 6s. Hylos will heal 4% of maximum health and be immune to slows while on the pathway. Allies moving towards the pathway will have their movement speed increased by 60%, enemies moving away from the pathway will have their movement speed reduced by 70%

This skill is Hylos’ ultimate skill. Combination between this skill, his second and first skill will make Hylos a very deadly tank. Increase his movement speed by 60%, slow his enemies 70%, immune to slow, and heal 4% of maximum health.

This skill also can be used for chasing your enemy, escaping from a battle or starting a war.

  1. Item Build

How to Play Hylos like a Pro
Hylos Build

Every heroes in MOBA game are very dependent on the items that you built. You can vary your items as you like and change your heroes’ role from their origin role into a specific role such as: tank, mage, fighter, marksman, or even a support. But remember, some heroes are suitable to be built and changed into a different role, some of them are not. It depends on heroes’ basic attributes, skills and the most important is team’s need. For example, Chou and Balmond in their origin role is a fighter, but with their skills and basic attributes they are more useful to be built as a tank rather than a fighter. Again, it is depend on the team’s need. If your team has many tanks and lack of DPS (Damage per Second) you can build them as a fighter. By changing the role, you should also change your gameplay.

In Hylos case, we recommend to use Magic and Tank items because he is a tank while his damage is magic damage. Tank items are for his defense, and Magic items for maximizing his passive ability (1 mana point will also give 1.5 Health Point) and increasing his damage. So here are the item that we recommend.


How to Play Hylos like a Pro

Warrior Boots

This Boots add 22 Armor, 40 Movement SPD, and Unique Passive (Physical defense will go up 5 with each basic attack received.


How to Play Hylos like a Pro

Cursed Helmet

This Boot add 920 HP and 50 Magic RES. What we really need from this item is its unique passive. Burning Soul: Deals 1.5% of one’s max HP as magic damage per second to nearby enemies.

This Unique passive will work best with Hylos high HP, passive skill, and his second skill. With his great HP, this item will give great damage to nearby enemies. This item combined with his second skill will deal double damage to nearby enemies.


How to Play Hylos like a Pro

Clock of Destiny

This item add 60 Magic Power, 615 HP, and 600 Mana. Unique Passive: add 30 HP and 5 Magic Attack every 30s, up to 10 times.

If we do math, this item combined with Hylos Passive Skill (Every 1 points of mana received from equipment and emblems, will also give Hylos 1.5 points of health) will be: 600pts Mana x 1.5 = 900HP. 900HP+615HP = 1515HP. By buying this item, we can gain more 1515HP. Beside that, there is also some additional HP and Mana Point from its unique passive skills. The greater the HP is, the more damage will be dealt by Cursed Helmet, and we can use this high HP as a replacement of Mana.

How to Play Hylos like a Pro

Dominance Ice

This item add 500 mana, 70 Armor, 5% Critical chance reduction. Unique passive: 15% cool down reduction, 5% lowers movement speed, and 30% lowers attack speed for nearby enemy heroes.

By buying this item, we gain more 500 mana points. More mana points, more Health Point. More Health Point, more damage dealt by Cursed Helmet. Dominance ice gives 500 mana points, it means another 750 health points. Beside that, it lowered 5% of movement speed. This Unique passive will be very helpful for chasing enemies combined with Hylos’ Ultimate skill.

How to Play Hylos like a Pro

Blood Wings

This item adds 150 Magic Power and 150 HP. Unique Passive: Adds 2 HP for every 1 pts of Magic Power added.

By buying this item, we gain 150 Magic Power (Hylos’ Magic Damage for his skills), 150 Health Point (additional damage for Cursed Helmet), and another 2 Health Point for every 1 Pts Magic power added (More damage for Cursed Helmet)

How to Play Hylos like a Pro

Thunder Belt

This item adds 25 Magic Power, 800 HP, 400 Mana, 40 Armor and 15 HP Regen. Unique Passive: After you use the skill, next basic attack will carry an extra damage.

If we focus on increasing Hylos’ HP, why we choose Thunder Belt instead of Bloodthirsty King, is because Thunder Belt gives additional HP (400 mana points x 1.5 = 600 Health and 800Hp = 1400HP) and also other additional status like Magic Power, Armor and HP regen. Whereas, Bloodthirsty King only gives 1550 HP. Beside that, Thunder Belt is cheaper than Bloodthirsty King.

This items build set is to maximize Hylos’ strength which is his high Health Point, and support his skills by adding some magical damage and slowing effect.

  1. Game Play

After we talked about his basic attributes, skills and the item build, those will be useless if you play Hylos recklessly. Here are some tips how to play Hylos.

  • Hylos is a tank, so do not forget your original role as a tank is to protect your teammates. If you want to know deeper about how to play each role in MOBA game, you can visit here.
  • Focus on leveling up your second skill first, because that skill will be much needed in late game.
  • Hylos does not need to farm in jungle, so give jungle monster to your other teammates.
  • You should not start a war until you get your ultimate skill.
  • Do not forget to turn off your second skill right away when you think it is unnecessary.
  • If a war is happened, target enemy’s attacker first by using your ultimate.
  • Combo skills will be like this: Ultimate skill (aim to enemy’s attacker like mage or Marksman), second skill (Turn ON your second skill), lock your target, and the last is your first skill (to stun your target, so he/she cannot get away from your second skill).
  • Keep practicing with or without your teammates.

Those are some guides about how to play Hylos like a pro. Hope you enjoy this. If you want to see other mobile legends heroes guide, you can visit here (Martis Guide).

Thank you.


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