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Martis pro guides

Martis pro guides Mobile Legend keep releasing new heroes for in their update. Now mobile legend has many heroes that can be played in various type (Tank, fighter, Mage, Marksman, and support). Their latest released hero is Martis. Martis is a warrior type hero and has quite unique skills. For some players, they find that this hero is quite difficult to use. If you are going to use Martis in Rank mode you would be better to master his skills. So here are some guides how to play Martis MLBB like a Pro.

  1.  How to play Martis MLBB #1 – “ATTRIBUTES”

  • Martis is a fighter type hero. He has more HP, Armor, and Physical ATK compared to other fighter heroes like Lapu-Lapu or Freya.
    How to play Martis MLBB
    Martis Attribute
    How to play Martis MLBB
    Lapu Attribute

    How to play Martis MLBB
    Freya Attribute
  • Martis does not use mana to cast his skill, even though he has mana point in his attribute.
  1. How to play Martis MLBB #2 – “SKILLS”

  • Passive: Each time Martis uses a skill, the power of Ashura’s Teeth will increase his attack speed by 15%, up to maximum of 60%. Lasts 4s.
    How to play Martis MLBB
    Martis Passive skill
    • This passive skill will increase his attack speed each time he uses his skills.
  • Skill 1 (Ashura Aura): Martis focuses the power of the Ashura’s Teeth to draw in enemies in a Fan-Shape area in front of him and attack them for 280(+100% Extra Physical Attack) Physical Damage.
    How to play Martis MLBB
    Martis pro guides 1st skill
    • Martis first skill is an AOE (Area of Effect) and CC (Crowd Control) attack. This attack has 10/9/8/8/7/7 cooldown and 280/320/360/400/440/480 physical damage.
    • Use this skill to gather and crowd control your enemies in a fan shape attack.
    • Using this skill will make Martis move a little closer to the target. Be careful when you are near the enemy tower. This skill effect will be very useful when you need to get closer to the enemies.
    • You can use this skill to help your friends to run away from enemies.
  • Skill 2 (Mortal Coil): There exists nothing between the heavens and earth, nor in the Three Thousand Worlds, that can resist the might of the Ashura. Harnesses the might of the Ashura’s Teeth, blade of the underworld, to rain down unearthly judgement on his enemies, dealing 150(+90%Total Physical ATK) physical damage, and can change direction once while attacking. This skill can be used again within a short window of time to charge forward, knocking up and dealing 200(+150% Extra Physical ATK) Physical damage to enemies along the way.
    How to play Martis MLBB
    Martis second skill 1
    How to play Martis MLBB
    Martis second skill 2
    • Martis second skill deal high damage to enemy’s heroes. It has 10/10/10/10/10/10 cooldown, 150/160/170/180/190/200 Base Damage and 200/220/240/260/280/300 Added Damage. If you use this skill twice in level 1, you will deal 350 damage (without extra damage). If you combine this skill with the first skill, you will deal 630 physical damage to your enemies. This total damage is a quarter of fighter’s HP.
    • This skill is a three attacks skill. After you cast this skill, Martis will attack 3 times. You cannot control Martis’ movements for the first 2 attacks, Martis will attack two times towards the direction of the skill. Only on his third attack, you can control his movement. Just using this skill once, you will get 45% attack speed bonus for 4 seconds (Passive Effect).
    • This skill can be used for escaping from enemies, and also for chasing enemies. This skill also can pass through wall. Since you can use this skill twice, you can trick your enemies by passing through wall twice.
    • There is a tricky cooldown timer in this skill. If you use this skill once, this skill’s cooldown is just 2 seconds. If you use this skill twice, the cooldown will be 8 seconds. So if you think you do not need to use this skill twice (against enemy’s hero), do not spamming your skill. Try to use it wisely for faster cooldown. You will need this skill very much to chase or escape from enemies.
    • When you are doing 3 attacks after casting this skill, you are immune to crowd control.
    • The first hit of this skill can cancel channeling skills like Odette/ Pharsa’s ultimate skill.
    • Cast this skill again for the second time to perform another crowd control skill and also deal damage.
  • Ultimate skill – Decimate: All that lives must die; the only truth lies in emptiness. In the final secret world, only the one true Ashura King shall emerge triumphant. Charges to the designated enemy hero, dealing 600(+100% Total Physical ATK) Physical damage. If the target is below 50% HP, this skill will deal true damage. Killing a target with this skill will immediately reset its cooldown and increase your movement speed by 100% for 5s (Speed increase gradually decays over time).
    How to play Martis MLBB
    Martis Ulti Mark
    How to play Martis MLBB
    Martis Ulti Mark
    • Decimate is Martis’ ultimate skill. It has a very high damage 600/675/750 and 36/32/28 for the cooldown time.
    • This skill is similar with Karina’s ultimate but this skill has a very small range unlike Karina’s.
    • If you kill an enemy with this kill, the cooldown of this skill will be reseted. This skill is not like Karina’s ultimate that do not have time limit to use the skill. This skill has time limit to be used again before it start its cooldown. During that period of time, you have to kill another enemy hero, to reset its cooldown again. Besides, after you kill an enemy with this skill, your movement speed will increase 100% for 5s. This speed will be very useful to chase or run away from enemies.
    • There will be a mark under the enemy’s hero if you can kill that hero with that skill.
    • When you are facing an enemy man-to-man, Use this skill when the enemy’s HP is below 50%. Do not use this skill for your last hit, because your enemy will probably escape before their HP is at critical limit. Remember, this skill has a very small range. You can use this skill as your last hit attack when you are in a team fight so you can also use your speed to chase the other enemy’s heroes.
  1. How to play Martis MLBB #3 – “ITEM BUILD”.

Martis’ attack is a combination between his basic attack, attack speed, and his skills. So in this build we maximize those factors.

How to play Martis MLBB
Item Build
  • Haas’s Claw: We need the lifesteal effect so you do not need to go to your home base to heal.
  • Swifts Boots: Increase 15% attack speed and 40 Movement Speed
  • Bloodlust Axe: Since Martis depends on skills we need Spell Vamp and Cooldown Reduction for his skill.
  • Scarlet Phantom: Additional attack speed (40%) beside his passive and Swifts Boots.
  • Hunter Strike: Another 10% CD Reduction for his skills and also 100 Physical ATK .
  • Blade of Despair: Another 10% Attack Speed, and also 170 Physical ATK. Its passive will be very useful with Martis CC skills.
  1. How to play Martis MLBB 4# – “GAMEPLAY”

  • Martis’ attack is a combination between his skills and his basic attack.
  • His basic attack will be very dangerous because of his attack speed bonus from his passive skill.
  • Prioritize to level up your first skill and ultimate skill whenever possible.
  • You can use any combination skills as you like depend on the situation.
  • You can be an initiator by using your first skill to CC the enemy’s heroes, escape with your second skill, let your friend enter the fight, then finish them with your ultimate skill.
  • Pay attention to the map. You can roaming through the map because Martis has a very high mobility by using his second skill.
  • Master the Martis’s skills by keep on practicing. In the late game, this hero will be very deadly.

Those are 4 Martis guides how to play Martis MLBB like a Pro. Hope this guides will help you to play Martis like a pro. If you want to read other Mobile Legends guide, you can visit here (HYLOS Guide).


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