How to Tame Horse in BDM

In a world of MMORPG Open World, the mount will be very important for the adventurers to travel around the world faster. In Black Desert Mobile (BDM) you will find horses as your mount and you can easily get your mount by taming them in the wild area. Many players are having difficulties taming the horses and looking for some guides on how to tame a horse in BDM. So in this article, we share you some tips on how to tame horse in BDM.

  1. Before you go for the horse, you need to buy some tools and materials. You need to go to the town, find NPC with the symbol below, and buy some ropes and sugars. If you want to tame only one horse, I guess one rope and 10 sugars will be enough. But I recommend you to buy more as spares.
  2. Go to the world map, find an area that has “Wild Horse Capture Area”Tame Horse in BDM
  3. Visit the area that has a horse symbol, there might be a wild horse ready to be tamed. If you can’t find any horse in that area, try another one.tame horse in BDM
  4. After you find a wild horse, approach to it and a rope symbol will appear.tame horse in BDM
  5. Tap the symbol, and you will enter a taming mode.
  6. Stay away a little bit from the horse before you throw the rope. If you are too close with the horse, you will get kicked, and the horse taming will fail.
  7. Throw the rope, get closer to the horse, and after two symbols will appear. One is to catch it directly, and one to give it sugar. Give the horse sugar to increase the success rate. Give the horse as much sugar as you need until you reach the maximum success rate.
  8. After that, you can try to catch it by tapping the “Tame” symbol. You will be riding the horse and enter a mini-game mode. The mini-game is quite simple. What you need to do is just to keep the circle inside the green area by using the directional button.
  9. Done, the horse will be automatically kept in your stable.

Those are some tips how to tame horse in BDM. Try to catch as many horses as possible, because you need to combine two max level horses of the same tier to get a new higher level horse. The higher the level is the better skills they have.

Hope this guide is helpful. Thank you.

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  1. why does it fails even thou I got all green in the mini game part and also I fed all the sugar needed till it reach 80/80

    • yeah..sometimes it happens. even after you fed the horse to max, the success rate is still 80%, not 100%.

  2. Richard Daugherty

    The mini game is too difficult. The circle will not stay in the green and is very shaky. I have done it 20 times and only got it twice.

  3. I can’t move when I use the lasso. The horse struggles for a bit and then it stomps on me and there is message “Get closer to the horse” but I can’t use joystick when I use lasso? I mean, I move lasso but it does nothing.

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