Inuyasha Awakening SEA: AVAILABLE NOW


Inuyasha Awakening is now available for SEA Region and you can download the game via Google Play.
Join the adventure of Kagome and Inuyasha, the half-demon of finding the Shikon Jewel. You can participate in the original story of Inuyasha through a side-scrolling action RPG, convoyed by 3 AI-controlled companions with excellent animation and effect.

Furthermore, the game offers both manual and automatic control for the main character in a wide variety of playable modes, including Story Mode, Treasure Hunt, Mountain Hakurei, Shikon No Tama, and real-time PVP battles. You can learn your favourite combo skills, or just let the system do its magic.
Most heroes and villains are also available to acquire via a Gatcha method called the Wish System.

Even though there are not many, but main characters like Inuyasha, Kagome, Shippo, and Miroku are ready to accompany your journey.  Or get Naraku and Sesshomaru, if you are more of the “bad guy” kind of player.

Inuyasha Awakening is officially launched for SEA Region by Indofun Games, one of the top leading game publishers in Indonesia.

Download Link: Play Store
Official Site:

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