Luluto Location Dawn of Isles

Dawn of Isles (DOI) an open world MMORPG by Netease, inc is an addicting Open World games. There are many events and quests to complete. These quests can help you increasing your level to unlock new features, skills, or to strengthen your characters. Sometimes the main quest requires you to reach certain level first to take. You gain some experiences for your level by hunting monsters, collecting materials, doing board quests, or finishing side quests. You can find the side quests, by visiting NPC with yellow exclamation mark on the map. There are many interesting side quests, and some are tricky. One tricky side quest is “Naughty Luluto” quest. In this quest, you have to find Luluto that hide somewhere around the location. Some players are looking for guide about this Naughty Luluto quest. So here is the Luluto Location Dawn of Isles.


This Luluto will hide in three different locations. You have to find the three location where Luluto hide in order to finish the quest.

  1. Under the tree.Luluto Location Dawn of Isles

  2. Behind the houseLuluto Location Dawn of Isles

  3. At the farmland Luluto Location Dawn of Isles

Those are the Luluto Location Dawn of Isles. Hope this guide is useful.

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