Mabinogi Fantasy Life Basic Guides

Mabinogi Fantasy Life, a new mobile game for Android and IOS platforms and this game is a combination between MMORPG Open World and Life Simulation. So, it is not only about fighting and killing monster but you can also do some life activities. Mabinogi Fantasy Life is an addicting game to play, and there are many interesting features you can find in this game. If you are interested in this game, you may need some Mabinogi Fantasy Life basic guides before you go further with your adventure. In this article, we provide you with a list of Mabinogi Fantasy Life basic guides, to help you improve your gameplay. Since this game is still in Closed Beta Test, you may find some bugs or lag, and there might be some changes when this game is officially released. So, here are Mabinogi Fantasy Life basic guides you need to know.


  • You can customize your character from their head, eyes, eye color, mouth, hairstyle, hair color, gender, even age.Mabinogi Fantasy Life basic guides
  • You don’t have to worry if you are not satisfied with your character’s current appearance. You can change your appearance through reincarnate and you can do this reincarnate every 30 levels. (30, 60, 90, 120, etc)
  • There are 3 classes you can choose at the beginning, and each class has their own unique skills. Some other classes will be unlocked when you reach a certain level and further version update.
  • One same class has two different types of weapons; Warrior uses Sword, and Double Sword, Archer uses Bow and Crossbow, Magician uses Wand, and One-Handed Wand, and Musician uses Lute and Flute.
    Mabinogi Fantasy Life basic guides
    Mabinogi Fantasy Life basic guides
    Mabinogi Fantasy Life basic guides

  • You can change your class when you equip different types of weapons. For example, if you equip your character with a sword, you will become a warrior, and do melee attack while if you equip with a wand, then you become a magician and can cast some magic skills.
  • You can equip your character with two different types of weapons and you can switch it in the middle of a battle. Change your weapon will also change your skills and battle style.Mabinogi Fantasy Life basic guides
  • Since you can change your class anytime you want, and you can choose up to two different classes, we suggest you to choose between two classes with the same type. You can choose between Warrior and Archer (Same Physical Attack), Archer and Magician or Musician (Same Range Attack), Magician and Musician (Same Magic Attack) so you don’t need to waste your skill points to some random classes.


  • There are three types of skills; Active skills, Passive skills, and Life skills. These skills will be unlocked when you reach a certain level or reach a certain storyline. Active skills will be unlocked at level 4, Passive skill at level 85, and Life skill will be varied depends on the type of skill.
  • Active skills: Active skills are skills that you use in battle and you can equip up to 4 skills at a time. Each character has 3 common skills and 8 exclusive skills (7 skills for musician). You can upgrade your skills when they reach 100 EXP by spending some AP (Skill Point) and these skills will be unlocked when you finish a certain storyline. You can increase your skills EXP by using them in a battle. For further information about the skill’s detail, you can check here.
  • Passive skills: Passive skills are skills that will increase your character’s strength in the battle. Since it is a passive skill, you don’t need to do anything except equip them to your character. There are 25 kinds of skills and you can equip up to 5 different kinds of passive skills. Choose the most suitable skills with your character. For further information related to the passive skill’s detail, you can check here.
  • Life skills: These life skills are the most interesting skills. There are Blacksmith skills, Carpenter skills, Tailor skills, Medicine skills, Cooking skill, and Travel skills. By using these life skills, you can craft your own gears and potions. For further information about this life skills detail, you can check here.


    • You can equip up to two types of weapons at the same time and switching your weapon will also switch your character’s class.Mabinogi Fantasy Life basic guides
    • You can craft your own equipment such as weapons, armors, shoes, helmet, and accessories by using your life skills. Certain level of equipment needs a certain level of life skill. But if you think that you are too lazy to craft your equipment, you can buy it directly from the NPC.Mabinogi Fantasy Life basic guides
    • Strengthen your equipment by enhancing and enchant them at the NPC.
    • Enhancement costs you some gold and enhance stone, while enchantment requires you some enchantment scrolls.
    • Enhancement can improve your gear’s attributes even add some new attributes and you can inherit your enhancement level when you change your gear.
    • The higher the enhancement level is, the lower the success rate of the enhancement.
    • Enchantment will transfer the attributes from the scroll to your gear. These scrolls have 15 different levels, start from LV F to 1 (F, E, D, C, B, A, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1).
    • The higher magic scroll level has a lower success rate. You can increase the success rate by consuming other magic scrolls.


  1. There’s so much to do and learn in Mabinogi that you might be a little overwhelmed at first. Use this guide to help you go from inexperienced wanderer to expert adventurer in no time! Mabinogi is the fantasy life you can live from the comfort of your own home! Customize a character then take up skills like combat, magic, and cooking as you explore Erinn, a land of wonder, danger, and unlimited opportunity.

  2. Do you know how to make our own music?? I know we just need to copy url from midi files but i dont know where to find it

  3. Can you tell me what’s the meaning of TEN in character info?

    • I believe TEN means Tenacity

  4. im stuck with 3 items only how can I get more? like a complete set without topping?

  5. How to like others milensia costume in mabinogi?

    • Go to the world chat. There should be many players show their costume.

  6. How to trigger the bullyrag passive skill effect?

    • What does Balance in Battle Attribute mean?

  7. how to transfer item to another player?

    • To reset skills, U have to buy Skill Defrading Capsule from the item room of your guild it costs 3000 Guild Points. It will only reset 1 skill. And there’s a limit of how much you can buy in one day

    • To reset skills u need a degrading pill which can be acquired in guild item room

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