New Adventure with Tales of Crestoria Open Beta!

Tales of Crestoria

Tales of CrestoriaGet ready for a brand new journey with the latest mobile RPG of the Tales series, Tales of Crestoria!
If you are a loyal fan of the Tales series, you will be excited to deploy into a new world of Crestoria!

Enjoy the same anime turn-based RPG action just like the previous Tales series, except that you will be able to carry this one with you everywhere!

Tales of Crestoria offers a brand new adventure in an epic new tale of anime RPG saga with a story so thrilling of conflicts and betrayal. In this game, you will help the main character—Kanata—and his group of vigilantes—Transgressors—to survive the world of Crestoria. You can enjoy unlocking all the character’s episodes through the battle to uncover their individual stories outside the main storyline.

Oh, and don’t forget to have a little Face Chat conversation with them! That way you can have some fun additional insights about your favorite characters’ thoughts. Moreover, you will experience the game’s stunning 3D visual art, showing the best view of the fantasy world of Crestoria, as well as character animation that is so smooth that you can relish in every action of their movements.
Strengthen and upgrade your character skills and you will be able to execute the heroes’ massive combo attacks!

Besides preserving their anime-style graphics and turn-based RPG, BANDAI Namco combines classic gaming styles with new features, including hero collection/Gatcha. You will be able to collect not only the main characters like Kanata, Misella, and Vicious, but also all your favorite characters from other memorable Tales series!

So, get them all and create your own ultimate Tales series dream team! Download Tales of Crestoria now via Google Play and Apple App stores.


Official SIte: Tales of Crestoria


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