New Android 9 Pie Feature

Android 9 Pie feature

Android 9 Pie featureGoogle new Operating System (OS) Android 9 PIE is rolling out now. It is available only for Google Pixel phone and soon will be available for some other phones like Oppo, Xiaomi, Nokia, Sony and Vivo. As you know, Google has been upgrading its Android OS from Android 1.0 (no code name) until now Android 9 Pie, and in every updated OS brings more and more interesting features. Are you interested in this new Android 9 Pie feature? So, here are 9 new Android 9 Pie features.

  1. New Gesture Navigation System.

There is new gesture navigation system in this Android 9 Pie. Google has applied this gesture navigation system in Android 8 (Oreo), but in this Android 9 Pie you can see some different new gesture navigation system.

There is only one button in the middle button homepage, which is home button. You can navigate your phone with this one button.Android 9 Pie feature

You can swipe up to go to app switcher. You can see your recent apps, and switch between those apps. You swipe up twice to access all apps. Swipe right once, to jump back and forward between your two most recent apps. Swipe and hold to right will go to the apps switcher. These swipe right gestures are like ALT+Tab command in windows PC or Laptop.Android 9 Pie feature

A long press home button to access your Google Assistant

After you use any home button gesture, a back button will appear on the left of the home button for you to go back, or you can also use home button to go to the homepage.

If you think you don’t like this new gesture navigation system, you can disable this function and go back to the traditional navigation system with buttons, by go to the Setting→System→Gestures.Android 9 Pie feature

  1. New Text Copying System.

There is new Android 9 Pie feature that allow you to copy text when you are in the app switcher mode. What you have to do is just long press on the text and copying the text without go to the apps.Android 9 Pie feature

  1. Adaptive Battery

In Android 9 Pie there is new battery system which is adaptive battery. Just like the name, this new battery system can adapt with your activities. Adaptive battery will limits battery for infrequently used apps to extend battery life and your phone will learn how you use apps over time.Android 9 Pie feature

  1. Adaptive Brightness

This new auto brightness feature is similar to adaptive battery system. Adaptive brightness will automatically adapt and adjust your phone brightness according to your environment and your activities.

  1. Support Notch Phone.

Android 9 Pie uses a system that support phones with notch. In this Android 9 Pie, the icons at the top like clock, battery and some notifications are now located at the side to save some spaces for notch.

  1. New Auto Rotate System.

This new Auto Rotate System allows you to rotate the screen without turning on the auto rotate setting. When you turn off the auto rotate setting, and then you flip the phone, there will be a rotate button appears. This button will rotate your screen without turning on the auto rotate setting. This button will reappear when you flip the phone back to portrait and you can re-rotate your phone screen to portrait.Android 9 Pie feature

Android 9 Pie feature

  1. New Sound Setting.

In the previous 8.0 Oreo OS, you can find three separate volume settings. Now in this new Android 9 Pie feature, there are 4 separate volume settings (Media Volume, Call Volume, Ring Volume, and Alarm Volume).

In the Oreo OS, the volume button will by default adjust ring volume, but in Android 9 Pie, volume button will adjust media volume.

There will be another sound menu pop up when you press the volume button. You can change your phone sound mode through that menu. If you want to change the phone into silent or vibrate mode, you can just tap the ring/silent/vibrate mode button.Android 9 Pie feature

  1. New “Do Not Disturb” setting.

“Do Not Disturb” mode is important for you who do not want to be disturbed by your phone. In this new Android 9 Pie feature, you are able to “block visual disturbance”. This “block visual disturbance” feature has some cool features like; “Don’t turn on screen”, don’t blink light, don’t wake for notifications, hide notification dots, don’t pop notifications on screen, and hide from notification list. By using these new features, you can be free from your phone, or get well-needed rest.

  1. Digital Wellbeing.

The best Android 9 Pie feature for now is its Digital Wellbeing. Digital wellbeing is a dashboard that will give you reports of all apps you used for a day and how long you spent within each one. This report will be in a form of statistic. You can monitor your phone usage daily or hourly, and also you can set time limits for a certain apps. After you reach the certain limit, the apps will not forcedly closed, but the apps will turn gray. Google hopes this digital wellbeing feature will help us manage our time with our phone.Android 9 Pie feature Android 9 Pie feature

Those are some stuffs related to Android 9 Pie feature. If you have a Google Pixel phone, you can try this new cool features. But if you use other phone, you have to wait until Android 9 Pie is released for global.



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