New MMORPG Open World Dawn of Isles

A big game company Netease Inc, has released a new MMORPG Open world Dawn of isles. This game is a combination between a survival game and MMORPG open world. Dawn of isles is still in a server testing for global release. We can try to play this game by downloading from Google Play store or from Tap-Tap.

Dawn of isles will bring you into a prehistoric sensation. You will be a prehistoric people, fight some prehistoric monster like dinosaurs, construct prehistoric buildings, collecting prehistoric items, etc.

In this game, you can build your own, name it and upgrade it. By upgrading buildings you can produce the materials you need on your own. Besides that, you can also plant some fruits and cooking materials for your food recipe. Related to the farming features, you can help your neighbor watering their plant, and also steal some of it.

For the characters, in Dawn of isles you can choose between 4 characters which are:

  1. Fighternew MMORPG Open world Dawn of isles
  2. Ranger new MMORPG Open world Dawn of isles
  3. Dancer new MMORPG Open world Dawn of isles
  4. Warmage new MMORPG Open world Dawn of isles

Those characters have their own skills that you can combine between one to another so you can create some effects. For the element and skills combination, you can visit here. You can also modify your character’s appearance from the face shape, eyes, nose, mouth, etc. This face and appearance feature will differ your character to the other.

Dawn of Isles also has pet feature. You can catch the wild monsters and make them into your pet. Try to find your most suitable pet, because every pet has its own unique skills.

For now, this new MMORPG Open world Dawn of isles game is only available on Android in certain regions. If you cannot find it in the Play Store, you can download its APK and try this game.

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