Ni No Kuni Cross World Basic Guide

Ni No Kuni Cross World a new MMORPG Open World is finally released its Global version, on May 25. This game is also a cross platform game, which is available for Android, IOS, and PC platform. Since this game has so many interesting features, in this article we will give you some Ni No Kuni Cross World basic guide you need to know before you go further in this game.

Ni No Kuni Cross World Basic Guide

So far, there are 5 class available in this Ni No Kuni Cross World game. They are Warrior, Engineer, Witch, Destroyer and Rogue. Each class has their own skills and role, so, choose the class that most suitable with your gameplay in the MMORPG world.

  • Swordsman
    Ni No Kuni Cross World Basic Guide

Swordsman is an all-rounder class with high durability and high attack. Besides, this class can also give BUFF to allies and DEBUFF to the enemies. Just like the name, this class use Sword as their weapon and use melee attack. So, this class is very suitable for you who like to play solo and fight on the frontline.

  • Engineer

Engineer is a Support class that can give BUFF, Heal, and able to Revive their allies. Since this class uses gun as the weapon, this class is very suitable for you who like to support your teammate and play in a party.

  • Witch
    Ni No Kuni Cross World Basic Guide

Witch is a Magician class, with a very high AOE attack damage. This class uses Rod as their weapon and attacks in ranged. This class is suitable for you who like to attack your enemies with high damage from the distance.

  • Destroyer

Destroyer is a Tank class that has a very high Defense and HP. Destroyer can also give BUFF for the party member’s survivability by increasing their Defense. This class is suitable for you who wants to fight on the frontline and defend your party member.

  • Rogue

Rogue is a Marksman class that has a long range attack and high damage. This class can also give BUFF related to their attack speed and movement speed. Rogue class is suitable for you who likes class with high attack and movement speed.

Those are some brief explanation related to the available class in the game. For further skills information for each class, you can visit this section (Ni No Kuni Cross World Skill description)

Ni No Kuni Cross World Basic Guide

There are some types of quests like Main Quest and Side Quest. We suggest you to proceed with the Main Quest because some features like Dungeon, Pet and World Boss will be unlocked after you finish a certain quests. Some of those features have important rewards to increase your stats, so you need to unlock them as soon as possible. Not only that, but quests also give you a huge amount of EXP to increase your character’s level.

For the quest completion, you don’t need to worry because there is an auto quest feature to help you finish the quest easier. What you need to do, is just tapping the quest on the left side, and your character will move automatically to complete the quests.

Ni No Kuni Cross World Basic Guide

Gear is the most important part to increase your character Battle Point and, you will get some low level gears when you proceed with the story. You can get your high level gears from forging with a certain materials, with a certain success rate. Since you will need so many materials and Gold to upgrade your gears, we recommend you to save your upgrading materials and Gold for at least ★3 gears. Besides, if you want to go with your cash, you can try your luck with the Gacha System to get your high level gears (★4 gears)


There are 5 elements in this Ni No Kuni Cross World game, they are Fire, Water, Earth, Light and Darkness. This elements system also take an important part when you are fighting your enemies. Just like the element systems in other games, the order is Water wins against Fire, Fire wins against Earth, Earth wins against Water, Light wins against Darkness, and vice versa You will deal 1.5 times damage if you use the advantageous element. In this case, you can equip up to 3 weapons with 3 different types of elements and you can switch them while you are in a battle.


Pet system allows you to have some companions in your journey and these pets has their own rarity and skills. However, the higher the rarity is, the better the skills they have. You can get your first pet by completing the main quest, and after that you can get your next pet from the Gacha, or hatch the eggs. In order to hatch an egg, you need to collect the materials from the Forest.


Boss Raids is an interesting events in every MMORPG games. In this Ni No Kuni Cross World, you can join the Boss Raids 4 times in a day in a specific time. The schedule for the Boss Raids is every day at 06.00, 12.00, 18.00 and 24.00, and you will get a notification 10 minutes before the Boss spawn. By defeating the Boss, you will get some items, accessories, materials, and special coins for costume and spell books at the shop.


In order to have a better grinding experience, there is a power saving mode to help you with your grinding or farming by reducing the battery consumption. Not only that, there is also an AI mode which can help you grinding and farming even if you close the app. However, this AI mode is only available 4 hours a day so you need to use it wisely. If you want to use these features, you can find them at the middle-bottom of the menu.

Those are some Ni No Kuni Cross World basic guide you need to know before you play this game so far. There might be some additional guide in the future, so stay tuned and we hope this helps.

Ni No Kuni Cross World basic guide

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