One Piece Bounty Rush – 4VS4 Mobile Game 2018

One Piece Bounty Rush
One Piece Bounty Rush Cover

One Piece Bounty Rush, a brand new Bandai Namco Entertainment mobile game for Android and IOS. It is a good news for One Piece fans because this One Piece Bounty Rush is open for Beta.

One Piece Bounty Rush is a 4 vs 4 team battle game. You can play with/against your friends or you can play against AI. Each team consists of 4  players. The main goal of this game is to collect as many belly (in-game currency) as possible in about 5 minutes. The team who has the most berry will be the winner.

One Piece Bounty Rush
One Piece Bounty Rush gameplay

In this One Piece Bounty Rush, you choose one One Piece character with their own role. There are 5 types of characters which are Fighter, Warrior, Shooter, Support, and Swordsman. Luffy for example, is fighter, Zoro is a swordsman, Ussop is a shooter, etc. Each character also has their own skills similar to their skills in origin One Piece Manga. The characters that you can play are not Straw hat crews only, but also the enemies. This game also has the same story line with the Original One Piece Manga.

One Piece Bounty Rush
One Piece Bounty Rush Swordsman

This game is not only about a fighting against another team. In this battle, we can use our strategy and our teamwork to defeat your enemy. There are also some items in the battle field to support your battle. You can find those items by destroying the barrels. You can find some Bosses in the battle field, who will be appear periodically. By defeating the Bosses, you can gain a lot of berry. Besides that, if you feel bored with the arena, you can try another arena by unlocking them.

This game will be available for Android and IOS mobile phone as a free to play (in-app purchases available) game. If you are interested in this game, you can access the One Piece Bounty Rush official page here.


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