Perfect World Mobile Guide

Perfect World Mobile Guide

Perfect World Mobile GuidePerfect World is one of the most famous MMORPG Open World for PC in 2005. This game was published and developed by Perfect World Games and Perfect World Entertainment. Because of their success in PC, now they try to go for Mobile games. On August 21, 2019 they released the Perfect World Mobile with the English Version. This game is still on soft launch for EU region only and soon, it will go for Global. Since this game is a very big game, some players may need some guide about the game. So here is the Perfect World Mobile Guide you need to know.


You can create up to 4 characters in one account.

Your character’s strength determined by Battle Rating (BR). You can increase your BR from many things like increase your level, get better equipment, increase your skill level, etc.

There are 3 races (Winged Elf, Human, and Untamed) that you can choose, and each of them has their own role. So far, there are only 5 role you can choose and some of them are gender locked so you can’t choose the gender of that characters.

  1. Cleric – Winged Elf (Female)Perfect World Mobile Guide

Role: Healing and Assist

  1. Archer – Winged Elf (Male)Perfect World Mobile Guide

Role: Damage and Flexibility

  1. Wizard – Human (Male and Female)Perfect World Mobile Guide

Role: Damage and Burst

  1. Blademaster – Human (Male)Perfect World Mobile Guide

Role: Damage and Control

  1. Barbarian – Untamed (Male)Perfect World Mobile Guide

Role: Tank and Pursuit


There are 5 kinds of quests that you can take, and each of them gives you different rewards depends on the quest itself.

  1. Main Quest
  • Main quest is the quest that has the main story in it. This quest gives you the highest EXP among the other quests, but it requires you to reach certain level in order to proceed with the quest. Make sure you finish this quest first until you reach the level limit, then you finish the other quests.
  • You can see the Main Quest from the quest list under your Avatar with word “M” as the indicator of the Main Quest.
  1. Side Quest
  • This quest is quests that you can get from the NPCs, and you should take this quest to increase your level, after you reach the level limit of the Main Quest.
  • You can see the Side Quest from the quest list under your Avatar with word “S” as the indicator of the Side Quest.
  1. Oracle Quest
  • Oracle quest is a daily quest that you can take once a day and this quest increases your oracle status. This Oracle system is like your character’s behavior. There are Prowess, popularity, Insight, Willpower, Wisdom, and Fortune. This Oracle can increase the odds of your favored rewards appear.
  • You can see the Oracle Quest from the quest list under your Avatar with word “O” as the indicator of the Oracle Quest.
  1. Hidden Quest
  • Just like its name hidden quest, this quest can be triggered by talking to certain NPCs in the town.
  • You can see the Hidden Quest from the quest list under your Avatar with word “H” as the indicator of the Hidden Quest.
  1. Guild Quest
  • Guild quest is a quest to improve your guild status and get some guild contributions. In order to take the quest, you have to join a guild first, then you can talk to the guild manager in your guild territory for the quest or you can access it directly from Event menu.
  • You can see the Guild Quest from the quest list under your Avatar with word “G” as the indicator of the Guild Quest.


There are 3 types of skills that you can learn in this game. They are Battle skills, Life Skill, and Sage & Demon Skill.

Some advance skills cost you “chi” instead of Mana Point, and you can gain some “chi” by doing the basic attack and casting your skills.

  1. Battle Skill
    • At the beginning you have 4 skills as your basic skills and you can unlock more skills by upgrading your Cultivation level.
    • The Cultivation quest will be available when you reach certain level (Lv.9, Lv. 19, Lv. 29, Lv. 39, Lv. 49 and Lv. 59). When you reach the certain level, you have to finish the quest by clearing a dungeon to unlock the Cultivation and get more skills.
    • You can upgrade your skill level by spending Spirits and Silver Coins. The higher your skills level, the more output you will get.
  2. Life skill
    • There are 6 Life skills available to learn. They are Fishing, Gathering, Cooking, Alchemy, Luck, and Fitness.
    • Fishing skill allows you to fish some materials that is needed for cooking.
    • Gathering skill allows you to gather some materials required for cooking food all around the map.
    • Cooking skill allows you to cook some meals for your Mana and HP regeneration per second. This cooking requires some materials that you can obtain from fishing or gathering.
    • Alchemy skill allows you to make potions/elixirs to instantly recover your Mana and HP.
    • Luck skill is a skill that increase your LUCK permanently. This LUCK will increase the drop rate of rare equipment.
    • Fitness skill is a skill that increase your Max HP permanently.
    • Increasing the Life Skills level, will cost you guild contributions and silver coins.
    • Increase your Life skills level for better outputs.
  3. Sage and Demon Skill
    • After you reach level 69 you will able to choose between the path of the Sage or the Path of the Demon
    • Your choice will determine the next skills you can learn because Sage skills and Demon skills are different. Each path has their own strength and weakness. We recommend you to read the description of the skills first before you choose the path.
    • Sage and Demon Skill considered as advance skills.


Equipment’s rarity shown by its background color which is White → Blue → Purple → Gold → Legendary. The rarer the equipment is, the better it is. You can enhance your equipment by doing Refine, Engrave, Soulstone and Recast.

  1. Refine
  • You can refine your equipment for better stats by using Mirage Stone.
  • The higher the level of the equipment, the higher the refining level cap.
  • The success rate of refining level 1 and 2 is 100%.
  • After reaching refining level 2 the success rate will be lowered, and after you reach refining level 3, you will lose 1 level upon a failed refinement.
  • You can use Elysium Stone to increase the success rate.
  • The refine level of your equipment will be automatically transferred when you change your equipment.
  1. Engrave
    • You can engrave your equipment with some variety materials depends on the equipment for better additional stats.
    • You can get the Engraving materials from finishing the quests and also from Heaven Fall Tower rewards
  2. Soulstones
    • This feature is like putting some stone on your equipment.
    • The Soulstones can boost your equipment’s basic stats.
    • You can combine 3 Soulstones of the same level into a Soulstone of the next level.
  3. Recast
    • You can only do this recast thing for equipment with blue rarity or above.
    • This recast will change the bonus stats of your equipment randomly
    • You need Vision Gems and Psychic Gem to recast your equipment.


There is Pet system in this Perfect World Mobile and they called it Eidolon. This Eidolons can help you with your adventure, and also they can increase your BR. So far there are 11 Eidolons available to get and each of them has their own skills and specialty to give you more additional stats.  Make sure you choose the most suitable Eidolon that can support your role.


The next Perfect World Mobile Guide is about the Events. There are many events with great rewards to strengthen your character. Some of these events are unlocked at certain level, some are unlocked on certain days, and some are daily with limited chances to take. Make sure you finish all the daily events because the daily events have limited chances and the chances will not accumulated in the following day. Moreover, this events will be reset at 4:00.


There is a Daily EXP limitation/Cap system in this Perfect World Mobile Game and the Cap will change depends on the character’s level. The EXP limit only affects to the EXP that you get from Events and Killing Monster. The EXP that you get from the Quests (Main, Side, Oracle, and Hidden) will not calculated to the Daily EXP Limit.

After you reach the Limit, the EXP that you get from the events and killing monsters will be converted into Spirits. You can use this spirits to upgrade your skills level. This Daily EXP limit will be reset at 4.00 a.m.


Join a guild to get the advantages of the guild system. You can get many things from the guild like EXP, Silver Coins, contribution, etc. In addition, some features also requires you to join a guild first to unlock it such as Guild Quest. Besides, this guild system will help you enjoy this game because you can talk, share, finishing quests with your guild mate. So make sure you choose the right one.












Perfect World Mobile Guide

Perfect World Mobile Guide


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