Pokemon Masters – New Pokemon Game for Android and IOS

Pokemon Masters

Pokemon MastersPokemon Masters is another Pokemon game that is available for Android and IOS platform. This game developed by The Pokemon Company, and it has just released its beta version on July for Android, and August for IOS.

This Pokemon Masters game is different from other Pokemon games. In this game you do not catch, collect and train the monsters, but you recruit some trainers with their own Pokemon to fight with you. Your team consists of 3 members, and you can switch the members depend on the situation.

In order to get the trainers, this game use Gacha system and the rarity of the trainers indicated by their stars. The more stars they have, the rarer the trainers are. You can get some normal trainers by following the main story and finish it.

The game requires device with at least 2GB of RAM and android OS 7.0 or above. Since this game is still in Beta test, you may meet some bugs and error while playing this game but the data will be kept to the official release.

If you are interested in this game, you can download it from:

Or if you need further information, you can visit the Pokemon Master official site.

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