How to Properly Play MOBA Game Based On Hero Type

How to properly play MOBA game

MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) is the most popular game played by gamers nowadays. In previous posts we have discussed about MOBA Game History and Popular Terms Used in MOBA Games, so this time let us converse deeper functions for each type of hero in MOBA games and how to play properly based on the hero type.

Based on each type, different heroes play different roles in MOBA games. You cannot simply apply the same treatment for all heroes. That would mess up the team dynamics real bad. So how do you play? Let us go through it one by one.

  1. TANK
    • This type of hero has the highest level of HP and defense point. The name basically explains itself as this type of hero basically functions as the tank or shield for the team.
    • Tank needs to always join the team in wars as s/he has to be the one in front, protecting the team, taking all the damages.
    • If you choose to play as tank, always focus on protecting your team and not the kills.
    • Tank is NEVER afraid to die.
    • As the job is to protect and take all the damage, better prepare defense-increasing (both physical defense and magic resistance) and HP-boost items.
    • This type of hero has high offensive abilities, usually in form of physical attack.
    • As this hero type is long-ranged, you better place yourself behind the tanks or warriors/fighters in wars.
    • NEVER be the first one to initiate the war. Wait for the tanks and support them by attacking the enemy as much as you can as the tanks absorbs the damages for you. Because if not, tanks will die in vain.
    • In wars, never aim for the enemy’s tanks. Focus on the ones behind them, the ones who have low defense points like mages, MM/archers, or supports.
    • Since your job is to focus on the offense, it is the utmost importance for you to complete your items and level up your characters if you choose to play as archers/marksmen/gunners.
    • Archer Type Hero
  3. MAGE
    • High offensive ability in form of magic attack is this hero’s specialty.
    • Mages highly depend on their magic skills and MP (Mana Points).
    • If you are using this type of hero, never go offensive alone. Mages have very low defense, low HP, and low level of movements so if you go attacking the enemy alone, that’s basically a suicide.
    • Mages’ roles are basically similar to Archer/MM. In wars, they are the attackers. Therefore, a good positioning is essential in order to win. Choose to be at the back of the formation, even farther than archers, and use long-range skills to attack.
    • Never try to initiate wars if you are using mage. Let the tank go first.
    • Same as archers, focus on attacking heroes behind tanks that have low defense.
    • Choose items that boost your Magic Attack, Mana Regen, and Cooldown Reduction.
    • Warrior’s main task is to help archers and mages, focusing on offense when a war starts.
    • As their HP and defense are higher than mage and archer, warriors need to place themselves on the second position between archers/mages and tanks.
    • Based on their skills, some warriors can be the initiator in wars.
    • As an attacker, always focus on heroes that have low HP and defense. Do not attempt to attack tanks because you will most likely be the first one to die.
    • The difficulty of using warriors is that aside from joining the offensive roles, you also need to protect other attackers weaker than you are such as archers, mages, and support so the enemy does not target them first.
    • However, if you are more the solo player type who doesn’t like traveling in groups, you can choose this hero to Push Lane and destroy the enemy’s towers. But again, it still depends on the strategy decided by your team.
    • The name basically explains itself as this hero’s main job is to assassinate the enemy.
    • In the beginning of the game, assassins better level up as fast as they can by farming/jungling. Because if not, you will only burden the team.
    • When a war starts, assassin better hides first and start attacking the enemy when their HP run out. Start with the enemy that has lowest remaining HP. You need to move fast, in and out from the wars.
    • Since your defense and HP are quite low, never try to initiate wars because you will most certainly die first.
    • How to properly play MOBA game
      Support Type Hero
    • This hero’s main job is to support the team by providing BUFF (good additional statuses) to other team members and DEBUFF (negative additional statuses) to enemy team members.
    • Supports have to always join the team in wars because their skills will affect the team greatly.
    • Also, you need to be able to monitor the game from bird’s eye point of view if you choose to use this type of hero as you need to watch your team closely, which one is in danger and in need of your support. You need to be able to prioritize wisely in order for your skills to have good impact for the team.

So? Which one is your favorite role? You need to choose wisely based on your own characteristics in gaming because your choice will greatly affect the outcome of the match. However, don’t forget that hero functions are not static. They change based on the condition and situation of the match.

Hope you like it!

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