Ragnarok Origin Basic Guide

Ragnarok Origin is another Ragnarok Game developed by Gravity, and now is available for Android and IOS platform. Unfortunately, this Ragnarok version is still in the Korean version, and if you are outside the South Korea region, you can download the APK file from Taptap or QooApp. There are many interesting features provided in this Ragnarok Origin game. In this article, we provide you with a list of Ragnarok Origin Basic guide for you who is still new in this game, so you can catch up with other players. So here is the list of 8 Ragnarok Origin basic guide.


  • Just like the classic Ragnarok Online game, the game starts with you as a Novice and then you can upgrade your job into an advanced job.
  • So far, (as the time this article is written) there are 6 Jobs/classes available in this Ragnarok Origin. These jobs/classes are Swordsman, Acolyte, Mage, Archer, Thief, and Merchant.
  • After your job-level reach level 60, you can upgrade your job/class into the next advanced job (2nd Job).

Swordsman → Knight → Lord Knight

Acolyte → Priest → High Priest

Mage → Wizard → High Wizard

Archer → Hunter → SniperRagnarok Origin Skill Description

Thief → Assassin → Assassin CrossRagnarok Origin Skill Description

Merchant → Blacksmith → WhitesmithRagnarok Origin Skill Description

  • There is still no information related to the alternate jobs such as Crusader (Swordsman), Monk (Acolyte), Sage (Mage), Bard/Dancer (Archer), Rogue (Thief), and Alchemist (Merchant).
  • You have to reach a certain level to upgrade your class
    • From Novice to 1st Job: unlocked at level 10
    • From 1st Job to 2nd job: unlocked at Base Level 40, and 1st Job Level 40
    • From 2nd Job to 3rd Job: unlocked at Base level 70, and 2nd Job level 40Ragnarok Origin Basic Guide


  • In this Ragnarok Origin, the equipment is divided into 8 categories: Weapon, Off-Weapon, Armor, Cloak, Shoes, Accessories, and Headgear.Ragnarok Origin Basic Guide
  • You can get equipment like Weapon, Off-Weapon, Armor, Cloak, Shoes, and Headgear from the weapon shop, drop from the dungeon, or craft. While you can only get the accessories from the monster hunting drop.
  • For the advanced equipment (Purple equipment) requires a special Blueprint to craft. You can get the blueprint from the Hallheim dungeon reward, or by exchanging the blueprint shard from the Hallheim NPC. Certain level blueprint, need a certain level Blueprint Shard.
  • If you want to see all the available equipment, you can see it in the Equipment database (Diary → Equipment Book)
  • You can also strengthen your equipment through Refinement, open slot for the card, and also through enchantment
  • Refinement:
    • Refinement will be unlocked at character level 35, and in order to refine the equipment, you need Oridecon (For Weapon, and accessory) and Elunium (For Armor, Cloak, and Shoes) and also some cooper, depends on the refinement level
    • There is a success rate for the refinement. For the first, second and third refinement, the success rate is 100%. While for the further refinement the success rate will be lowered. For example for the fourth refinement, the success rate is 55% and the sixth level refinement is 45%.
    • You can choose a safe refinement with a 100% success rate after you reach level 3 refinement, but it needs a rare item Blacksmith God’s Heart.
    • If the refinement failed, there will be three possibilities of failure. It is just failed, failed and the refinement status will be lowered 1 level or failed and the equipment is broken.
    • You can transfer the refinement status from one equipment to another equipment with the same category. (Weapon to Weapon, Armor to Armor, etc) by using the Refine Exchange Hammer and some Copper
    • After you reach a certain level of refinement, there will be bonus stat added to your equipment.
  • Open Slot:
    • Open slot for cards will be available when you reach level 25 and clear story quest “Izlude’s Challenge”
    • After you open the slot, you will be able to put a Monster Card on your equipment’s slot.
    • You can open up to 2 slots on your equipment.
    • Opening the slot requires you with some materials like Diamond, and some Copper.
    • Opening the slot also gives you additional permanent stat and you can randomly change the additional stat using Copper.
    • Since opening slots requires stones, we recommend you to open the slot on at least level 60 equipment or level 50 advanced equipment (Purple Equipment). If you open the slot on the low-level equipment (Below level 60 equipment), you will waste your stones because you will use the equipment only for a short period of time, then you will change it into higher-level equipment.
  • Enchantment:
    • Enchantment feature will be unlocked at level 75.
    • By doing the enchantment, you can get additional permanent stats on your equipment.
    • If you do the enchantment, make sure you aim for the rare enchantment stats.
  • You can dismantle your unused equipment to get material for equipment crafting materials
  • After you reach level 55, you can access the equipment preset feature by paying 20000 Zeny. If you are a player with many types of equipment builds, you can use this preset feature to help you change your equipment build easier.
  • There is a Monster Size Penalty. Monster size penalty is a damage reduction penalty for you when you are fighting a certain size monster using a certain type of weapon. For the detail of the information, you can see it here.


  • Every time your character’ level is up, you will get some stats points to upgrade your basic stats. These stats are STR, AGI, VIT, INT, DEX, and LUK. For the deeper explanation of the stats, you can visit here (Ragnarok Origin Basic Stat Description)
  • Just like on the equipment, if you are a player with many skill builds, there is also a preset for the skills build. Use this preset to change your character’s build easier and faster. This stat preset will be available when you reach level 45, and you also need to pay 20000 Zeny to open the preset slot.
  • You can reset your stats. At the beginning of the game, you will be given free three times stats reset and after that, you need a reset stat item (Reset Stone) to reset your stats. You can get the Reset stone from the Shop by purchasing it with Catnip. Since the reset stone is quite pricey, you need to use the free reset wisely.

EXP Point and Battle Stamina

  • Experience point or EXP Point is a point required to upgrade your character’s level.
  • In Ragnarok Origin, there are many ways to earn the EXP Point. The most efficient ways are by completing main quests, doing daily and weekly quest, and monster hunt.
  • There is an EXP point bonus when your base level is lower than the server level. If the difference between your level and the server level is 10 level or more, you will get 200% base EXP bonus. If the difference level is 5 to 9 level you will get 150% base EXP bonus.
  • Battle Stamina: Battle Stamina is the time provided for you to hunt monsters each day. You will get 120 minutes each day to hunt monsters in the field, and the time will start every time you attack a monster.
  • If you run out of the battle stamina, you will not get any EXP and Item Drop. Meanwhile, you can activate Freya Luck if you want to continue with your farming.
    • Freya Luck is an additional time for you to do the farming.
    • Freya Luck will not consume any Battle Stamina
    • In Freya Luck Mode, you can get item drop, but you cannot get any EXP point.
    • You will get 60 minutes for the Freya Luck mode each day, and the duration can be accumulated up to 420 minutes.
  • If you have unused Battle Stamina, it will be converted into EXP points on the next day.

Life Skill

  • You can find a Life Skill feature in this Ragnarok Origin. This life skill includes Fishing, Gathering, Cooking and Alchemy.
  • You can do Fishing and Gathering to collect certain ingredients for your cooking and potion-making.
  • For this life skills (Fishing and Gathering) you can do auto fishing by using an auto fishing item for 18 minutes a day, while for the gathering, you can do auto gathering by using auto gathering item for 20 minutes a day.
  • Upgrade your Cooking and Alchemy level using Cooper so you can create higher-level dishes and potions.
  • You can sell the dishes and the potions on the market for additional Cooper, or you can use them to help you on the battlefield.


  • Mercenary is like your assistant that will accompany you with your adventure.
  • This mercenary feature will be unlocked after you reach level 20 and you can bring up to 2 mercenaries at a time.
  • There are 6 types of mercenaries available to recruit. They are Swordsman, Acolyte, Mage, Thief, Archer, and Merchant. You can choose which mercenary is the most suitable for your condition, but you cannot change the mercenaries when you are in a battle.
  • You can upgrade your mercenaries by using mercenary scroll, so your mercenaries will have better stats and also unlock some more skills.
  • Besides, you can also evolve or upgrade your mercenaries after they reach level 40. Evolving or Upgrading the mercenaries will give them large stats bonus, and also unlock more advanced skills.
  • The mercenaries also have some equipment to upgrade and you can upgrade their equipment using copper. The higher the equipment’s level is, the more copper needed to upgrade.
  • You need to consume Food Buff (Steamed crab claws) in order to regen the mercenaries HP and SP. Besides, if their levels are not maxed, they will partially receive EXP from the EXP that you gain. So, it is suggested to Maxed your mercenaries level by using mercenary scroll if you want to get full EXP while grinding.


  • There are 3 types of currency in this Ragnarok Origin. They are Cooper, Zeny and Cash
  • Cooper: Cooper is like gold in other games. Cooper is the easiest in-game currency you can get in Ragnarok Origin. You can get it from the finishing quests, grinding, or selling items.
  • Zeny: Zeny is the second hardest in-game currency to get. You can get the zeny from the daily event, bonus, selling card, or through recharge. You will need Zeny to buy some crafting materials, rare items, cards, etc. If you are a free-to-play player, make sure you allocate your Zeny wisely.
  • Catnip: Catnip is the most valuable in-game currency in Ragnarok Origin. The only way to get it is through recharge or bonus from the developer.


  • MVP/Mini hunting is one of the most exciting activities in every Ragnarok game. By killing MVP or Mini, you will have a chance to get rare items, or if you are lucky you can also get a rare card. Unfortunately, for you who love to hunt MVP/Mini, you cannot do it freely in this Ragnarok Origin game. There is a limitation for Killing MVP and Mini. Each day, you are allowed to kill MVP and Mini 5 times. If you have reached the limit (5x) you will not get any rewards.
  • If you want to hunt an MVP, we suggest you do it in a party because there are some calculation like the first hit, the most DMG deal, Most DMG received, Most Heal, and the Last hit to decide who is the one that gets the rewards.
  • You can see when the MVP will respawn from the event menu. Make sure you arrive at the location before the MVP is spawned.
  • For the Mini, if you think you are strong enough, you can find them in the field and do the solo hunt.
  • You can also use Bloody Branch to summon a mini if you are quite lazy to search them in the field. Just remember, you will only get rewards from the Mini 5 times a day. So if you have reached the limit, do not waste your time or Bloody Branch killing Mini unless you want to help your friends.

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