Ragnarok X Damage Formula

Ragnarok X Damage Formula

When you are playing Ragnarok X Next Generation, gave you ever thought about the output damage formula? With those many stats available, which stats will affect your output damage? Or, when you are fighting against a certain enemy or player with high defend, what should you do to defeat them? This time, we will give you an information related to the Ragnarok X damage formula, and so you know how to maximize your output damage. We will share the damage formula of Basic attack damage, Skill damage, and Critical Damage so you know your strength and weakness when you are building your character.


P/M. ATK x (100% + Final P/M.PENTarget Final P/M.DEF) x (100% + Final P.DMG/M.DMG Bonus) x (100% + Attribute Damage) x (100% + Passive Skill DMG Bonus) x (100% + Race DMG Bonus) x Size modifier% + DMG Bonus

Basic Attack Formula

Here, we will count the basic attack output damage of a Hunter with a Long Bow as the weapon attacking a Neutral-Small-Fish monster, and the stats are as follow:

  1. P. ATK: 62315
  2. Final P. PEN: 4.80% (You can find it by tapping on the P. PEN in the Basic Stat Menu)
  3. Target Final P/M. DEF: 25.63% (DEF) + 14.25% (Final Physical DEF) = 39.88%
  4. Final P.DMG Bonus: 27%
  5. Attribute/element DMG: 0 (No Element DMG)
  6. Passive Skill DMG Bonus: 0 (No Passive Skill DMG Bonus)
  7. Race DMG Bonus: 12% (Fish-Type Monster)
  8. Size Modifier: 75% (Bow to Small Monster) + 9% = 84% (Small Size DMG Bonus)
  9. DMG Bonus: 168
Ragnarok X Damage Formula

So, the output Basic Attack damage will be:
62315 x (100% + 4.80% – 39.88%) x (100% + 27%) x (100% + 0) x (100% + 0) x (100% + 12%) x 84% + 168
= 62315 x 64% x 127% x 100% x 100% x 112% x 84% + 168
= 62315 x 0.64 x 1.27 x 1 x 1 x 1.12 x 0.84 +168
= 47819


(Skill Multiplier x P/M.ATK + Skill Raw Damage) x (100% + Final P/M.PENTarget Final P/M.DEF) x (100% + Final P.DMG/M.DMG Bonus) x (100% + Attribute Damage) x (100% + Passive Skill DMG Bonus) x (100% + Race DMG Bonus) x Size modifier% + DMG Bonus

Skill Damage Formula


Atk x Crit Dmg Bonus x (100% + Final P.DMG/M.DMG Bonus) x (100% + Attribute Damage) x (100% + Passive Skill DMG Bonus) x (100% + Race DMG Bonus) x Size modifier% + DMG Bonus

Critical Damage Formula

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  1. 62315 x 64% x 127% x 100% x 100% x 112% x 84% + 168
    = 62315 x 1.64??? x 1.27 x 1 x 1 x 1.12 x 0.84 +168
    it should be 0.64 not 1.64 man and the dmg output will be =

    • thanks for the correction..

  2. where does Final Damage bonus goes in (from ferocity state)? same category with P.Dmg bonus?

    • maybe its defferent between final dmg bonus, the final demage calculate after the final dmg bonus was calculate its mean Atk – (%enemy final deff + enemy deff reudce)* penettare or Crit dmg (white/yellow dmg if penetrate , red dmg if crit dmg) = pure output , after the pure output calculated its will * with final dmg bonus + dmg bonus = dmg output * final dmg = OUTPUT DEMAGE

  3. So what affects damage more Atk % or Final P Dmg bonus?

    • if you compare between those two things, I guess Atk % affects more. But, if you are increasing your P.DMG Bonus, you can add more DMG on your attack

      • final dmg bonus works when your attk enough good, more huge attk is good to calculate with the final dmg bonus,
        for example — 10000attk – (30% final deff enemy + 240 enemy dmg reduce)= 6760 * penetrate dmg OR crit dmg iplay cdmg so 273% = 18454 * 18% final dmg bonus = 21775 + 1500 dmg bonus = 23275 * final demage stock 7,5% = 26937

  4. I mean Atk % or Final P dmg bonus %?

    • depends.
      if you are going for critical dmg, you just need to focus on your ATK and DMG Bonus and ignore the Penetration.
      but if you more on damage burst, you need to balance all factors like your ATK DMG, Penetration, and the Bonus DMG.

  5. Hi, is p/m.pen effective to monsters?
    Does monsters have p/m.def?

  6. Kalo p.atack serangan dasar,contoh tun assasin dan hunter,klo p.dmg bns untuk wizard,mage dan karakter yg pake attack Skill

    • untuk pengguna skill lebih bagus penetration lebih tinggi daripada final p dmg bonus, kira2 perbandingannya 3/1. ini aku ngitung sendiri sih pake accesories beda, yang satu cincin P.ATK + P.Pen dan build lainnya pake cincin P.ATK + Final P.Dmg Bonus. Trus pake Talisman P.ATK (biar P.atk kedua buildnya sama). Setelah aku itung jauh lebih tinggi yang pake P.Pen. (Note: Card vitata 1, Card event yang nambah Final Pen+ dmg bonus 8% 3 #Job Whitesmith). Klo gk salah ngitung ya ini 😀

      • dan menurutku kenapa lebih tinggi? karena stat Physical Penetration itu ke convert jadi Final. P. Penetration. Sedangkan P. Damage Bonus gak ke convert jadi Final. P. Damage Bonuse.

  7. question… if I do all my cards in final ppen are they worth it rather the final dmg bonus?

    • I guess, it is better to balance them, the Penetration and the bonus dmg. Except you are planning to build a Critical Dmg output. You can ignore the Penetration part.

  8. How do you know about target Def/M.def? (monster). And if Pen is over Def, that bonus could count? Ex: Pen is 60%, Def is 50%, so we have 10% bonus or just only 0%?

    • Same Question how do you get the Monster’s Final Def?

  9. sorry im lost, how to get this?

    Target Final M. DEF: 25.63% (DEF) + 14.25% (Final Physical DEF) = 39.88%

  10. how about the DMG RES and DMG RED?

  11. based on your formula, i’ve tried increase 18% attk (3 ant larvae card) incomparison with 18 final dmg bonus (3 marduk card). It turns out that 3 larvae card has a higher dmg no matter whether it is basic or crit attk. Please advise whether my calculation is wrong.

    62315 X 118% x 200% X 127% = 186770.51 (3 ant larvae)
    62315 x 200% X 145& = 180713.5 (3 marduk)

    • did you try the output damage comparison in the training center, or just doing a calculation?
      If you compare between total ATK and other factors like PEN, CRIT, or BONUS DMG, total ATK will affect more. So, the higher the total ATK, the more Output DMG you will get. It is because the main factor of your DMG is your ATK, and the others are additional point in percentage.
      CMIIW. thanks

  12. Hi, how do you calculate card effects? For example Ant Larva Card = ATK +6%
    Thank you

  13. Thanks for this info. How about Life steal formula? Do you have any idea how life steal works in-game?

  14. What does def have to do with damage, why would it reduce?

  15. Thanks, How about falcon damage formula ?

  16. How about healing skill from priest?

  17. So which is better for pvp nad or farm between p.pen and crit?

  18. Crit Knight here, which talisman would increase my damage more, p.atk, aspd, or str?

  19. Which is better attack of final dmg bonus?

  20. Hi, how about falcon-related skill damage formula, like Blitz Beat or Falcon Assault? From what I understand, it doesn’t count target’s defend, but how about final p.pen?

    … + (100% + final p.pen – target’s final def) + …

    So, if my target has 50% final def & I have 6% final p.pen, which one is correct?

    … + (100% + 6% – 50%) + …


    … + (100% + 6% – 0) + …


    … + (100% + 0 – 0) + …

  21. What about the P/M damage reduction? Where does it go in this formula?

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