Ragnarok X Level Up Fast

How to level up fast in Ragnarok X Next Generation? That is the frequently asked question in Ragnarok X Next Generation. Why players are really want to level up their character fast? That’s because when you reach certain level, some advance features will be unlocked and also a higher level character will have better Stats and skills. The main resource to level up is by collecting the experience points (EXP), and after you reach certain EXP, your level will go up. That is why we need to know which things give you a lot of EXP. In this article, we have a list of some features that give you a lot of EXP and by knowing this, you can level up your character fast in Ragnarok X Next Generation. This Ragnarok X level up fast guide is still in progress, and we will update it soon later.

Main Quest

Finish all the main quest until you reach the level limit. This main quest should be quite easy to finish, because the difficulty of this quest will be adjusted to your level. You can also see the main story of this Ragnarok X Next Generation when you go for this quest.

Ragnarok X Level Up Fast
Main Quest

This main quest will give you the most experience to level up your character. However, if you get stuck with the level limit in the main quest, you can go for the other quests and level up your character.

Side Quest

When you get stuck with the Main Quest, then you should go for the side quest. If the color indicator of the main quest is red, then the color of the Side Quest will be green.

Ragnarok X Level Up Fast
Side Quest

You can find the available side quest by tapping the quest menu (it is located at the left side). By completing this side quests, you can get various rewards like EXP, Zeny, even Headgear Blueprint.


In this Carnival menu, you will find many daily activities and tasks to complete. By completing these activities you can get various amount of EXP and Zeny.

Finish all the daily activities that give you EXP point like:

  • INSTANCE (Unlock LV 21 and Finish main story Fragment’s Ymir Heart)
    • Instance is a dungeon battle and your goal is to defeat the boss.
    • There are two different difficulties (Easy and Hard Mode) and different difficulty will give you different rewards.
    • This instance is the best way to get your equipment. You can get your armor and accessories in the Easy Mode, while for the weapon, you should go in the Hard Mode.
    • You can also swap the rewards with your teammate if you think that the equipment is not suitable with your class.
    • You can enter this instance as many as you want but, you can only get the rewards 3 times a day and it will be reset at 5.00 am
  • MISSION BOARD (Unlock LV 22)
    • You can complete up to 10 Mission Board quests daily and it will be reset at 5.00 am. Some of the quest will give you double rewards. Make sure, you finish all 10 quests before reset.
    • TIPS: When your character is about to level up, do not take the quests altogether. Instead, take only some quests that give you enough EXP to level up. It is because when your level is higher, you will get more EXP
Mission Board
  • COC Mission (Unlock LV 25)
    • COC Mission or Chamber of Commerce Mission is a daily tasks that requires you to submit certain materials. You can buy these materials from COC Merchant with certain weekly limit.
    • There are three types of COC missions that you can take and these three COC missions give you same amount of EXP and Zeny. However, the difference between these three COC missions are the Gacha Coin reward. They are Headgear Gacha Coin, Equipment Gacha Coin, and Card Gacha Coin. Before you take the COC mission, you need to take some times to think which coin you need the most because these coins will be very valuable especially for free players.
    • Every day at 5.00 am, one new COC mission will be added, and these COC missions can be accumulated up to 7 attempts. These attempts will be reset at 5.00 am every Monday.
    • TIPS: Since this COC missions will give you more EXP at higher Level, and they can be accumulated up to 7 attempts, we recommend you to keep the daily COC missions up to 7 attempts and complete those 7 attempts on Sunday before reset. By doing this, your level will be left behind at first, but you can get more EXP and will catch up with other players on Sunday.
COC Mission
    • OX Quiz is a daily event that requires you to answer some Right (O) or Wrong (X) Question.
    • This OX Quiz will be held every two hours and make sure you answer all the questions correctly
OX Quiz

ODIN’S BLESSING (Unlock at LV 23)

Odin’s blessing is a special feature in Ragnarok X Next Generation. By turning it on, you can get 5x Zeny, 5x EXP, 5x Drop Rate, and 1:1 Stamina when you are killing monster in the field.

TIPS: For the best EXP gain, turn this Odin’s Blessing on only when you are hunting monster that give you the most EXP, and DO NOT turn this on when you are doing your Quests. For the Monster EXP table, you can see it here (Ragnarok X Monster EXP table). Besides, you can take advantage of the Party Bonus EXP, and also you need to pay attention for the EXP penalty. You can see the Party Bonus EXP and Penalty list from the table below.

Ragnarok X Level Up Fast
Odin’s Blessing


After you finish with your Daily Activities, Odin’s Blessing, Stamina, etc, and you still want to collect more EXP, you can leave your character in the field to hunt some monster. The EXP you gain from this hunting will be very small compared to the daily activities, or when you are hunting using Odin’s Blessing. However, it is better to get small amount of EXP than nothing. Make sure you are doing it with your party to get more EXP from Party Bonus EXP

Those are some tips on how to level up fast in Ragnarok X Next Generation. Hope this tips can help you with your adventure in Ragnarok X Next Generation. If you are looking for other Ragnarok X Next Generation guide you can also visit the link provided below or you can also visit the official site (https://www.ragnarokx.com/).

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