Razer Project Linda – Turn Your Smartphone Into Laptop

Razer Project Linda
Razer Project Linda
Razer Project Linda
Razer Project Linda

Razer, a big company which has been known as a company that producing hardware for gaming like computers, keyboard, mice, and the last one is smartphone, is working on their new project called Razer Project Linda. During Customer Electronic Show (CES), Razer showed their new Razer Project Linda, it is a project that involve their recently released Razer Phone and turn it into a Laptop.

This Razer Project Linda is about combining Razer Phone with a modified Razer Blade Stealth Laptop. There is a dock in the middle of the laptop where track pad usually be. This dock is the place where you put Razer Phone so it can be connected to the laptop.

Once you put the phone into the dock and press the button, there is a USB-C connector that will connect your Phone with the Laptop. Here, your Phone’s screen works as a track pad for the laptop and also can be your second screen. Beside that, the phone’s screen will also be displayed to the laptop’s screen. It is just like you enlarging your phone display into a 13″ display.

Razer Project Linda
Razer Project Linda Gaming

Razer Project Linda uses built-in backlit keyboard like Razer Blade Stealh Laptop complete with some custom Androids keys, and uses the Razer Phone as the speaker. For your information, Razer phone’s speaker is one of the loudest smartphone’s speaker on the market now so it will be suitable for the laptop’s speaker. There is also a headphone jack and USB port just like any usual laptop. You can also connect a mouse for more precise action.

For the battery, this Project Linda provides some technologies for the battery issues. There is a built-in battery inside the laptop which can charges the Razer phone and also the laptop battery can be charged through the USB-C  port on the side of laptop.

Razer Project Linda
Razer Project Linda USB Charging

This Razer Project Linda uses the Razer phone as the brain, so it also uses Android Operating System and also it runs Android apps. This Razer Project Linda allows you to experience some Android apps like gaming, editing photos, in a more exciting way through a bigger screen.

Since this Razer Project Linda is still a prototype, there is still no price for this product. We are still waiting for the updates from the Razer itself.

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