REVELATION Officially Released

Revelation is officially released now

Revelation is officially released now. Revelation is a new MMORPG Open World developed by Netease Games. It has a stunning graphic, great battle mode and interesting story-line. Unfortunately, this game is still in Chinese and there is no information about the Global Version. Previously it has released its Closed Beta Test with limited participation and now you can download and enjoy the game from the link below.

Just like any other MMORPG Open World game, you can choose your own class as for the main character. Different class will use different weapons, and also have different skill and role. For some classes, you can choose between male, female or loli (A little girl) gender, while some only have one gender. Moreover, you can also customize the appearance of your character with some crazy details like customizing the size of the eyes, mouth, nose even the jaw.

What is so interesting about this game is its stunning graphic and in game feature. It is not like an ordinary Open World game. In this game, you can really explore the open world and you can also interact with items inside the game such as playing guitar, sit on the couch, taking picture, so on and so forth.

In my opinion, this game is worth to play even it is still in Chinese version. Even you don’t know the language, you can enjoy its great graphic, beautiful characters, interesting classes, and exciting battle mode.

If you are interested to try this game, you can download the game from the link below. Besides, In order to play the game, you dont need a certain id like QQ ID or netease ID, you can try it by using guest mode. So what are you waiting for? Just visit the link, download the game, and enjoy the beauty of the Open World.

Download link:

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