Riot Wins Lawsuit Against Mobile Legends

riot wins lawsuit against mobile legends

riot wins lawsuit against mobile legendsRiot wins lawsuit against Mobile Legends Developer, Shanghai Moonton Technology Co. Riot Games’ parent company Tencent Holdings will receive 19.4 million yuan or around ­$2.9 million USD because of the copyright infringement case.

Riot, as the developer of League of Legends has actually sued Shanghai Moonton Technology Co. on a year ago for copyright infringement of League of Legends. There are some similarities like characters, skills, interface, and logo between Mobile Legends and League of legends (LOL). Riot had contacted Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store to remove Mobile Legends from the Store. Because of that, Moonton apparently removed Mobile Legends: 5v5 MOBA, and not long after that re-uploading the same game with different name, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

The case in 2017 took place in the Central District Court of California, but because of the jurisdiction matter, Riot’s parent company Tencent would pursue the case in the Shanghai Court.

This copyright infringement case has become a very big matter for Riot and Tencent Holdings. Tencent Holdings believes Moonton Technology Co. has earned millions of dollars by copying League of Legends.

Meanwhile, another game King of Glory, which is also under Tencent Holdings Company, is joining its parent step to put forward a separate case of copyright infringement against Moonton Technology Co.

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