Rohan M Global Release

Rohan M Global Release


Rohan M Global ReleaseAfter their successful release in Korea, the Rohan M Global is indeed scheduled to launch on June 27, 2020. But you can actually access and pre-download the game starting right now via Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Based on the global PC version, Rohan Online, a Korean gaming company named NXGames developed Rohan Mobile in cooperation with Playwith (formerly YNK Interactive).

Rohan Mobile is designed with almost the same features as its original title. The available features are including its PVP and PVE elements, as well as full 360° world view, pets, and mounts. Multiple life skills are told to be available later in the game, such as fishing, forging, hunting, and crafting. And if you are a fan of PVP duels, Rohan Mobile ups their game with a “Vengeance” system.

You can enjoy a whole new fantasy world, where humans are living together with several other races like Giants, Dark Elves, Half Elves, Dhans, and Dekans. You may find some of them working cooperatively, while others living in endless feud. Yes, the Dhans and Dekans are neutral, but it doesn’t mean that they won’t get involved in the wars.

Don’t miss the global launching of Rohan Mobile and download the game right now!

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