ROYAL CROWN: Exciting RPG-Style Survival MOBA Available Now

Royal Crown is Available Now

Royal Crown is Available NowIf you are into survival MOBA games, you definitely don’t want to miss the ROYAL CROWN! Line Games Corporation recently launched a multi-platform Survival MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), in their cooperation with Meerkat Games as the developer.

ROYAL CROWN offers a whole new experience of survival MOBA with a hit of RPG style. Instead of dealing with those dark, gloomy, real-life graphics, you will be presented with a lighter and cuter medieval-style fantasy visuals, similar to the ones appearing in the MMORPG.

The game is now available for Steam Early Access, as well as Google Play and Apple App Stores.
In ROYAL CROWN, you will start your adventure in fairytale fantasy land, where 60 players come together in a real-time battlefield. You can choose to play by yourself in the Solo Mode, or team up with friends and show off your teamwork in the Squad Mode. You will be able to get the best of medieval fantasy survival MOBA no matter what platform you are using because this game offers cross-play between PC and mobile devices, with a specially-designed interface for each platform.

By playing ROYAL CROWN, you will experience a blend of gameplay between RPG and survival MOBA. Besides hunting and eliminating other players to be the final survivor, you can also explore the map to search for hidden items spread across the field and hunt field monsters to gain even more EXP and level up faster. On top of everything, you can also collect & cook food ingredients together, farming trees, mine ores, and even create your own items.

In addition, to add your best RPG-style survival MOBA experience, you will also be able to test your power and fight the legendary dragon.

How exciting, right?

Now, stop waiting and start playing ROYAL CROWN right now, and you will no longer feel bored with classic games that are just the same-old.

Good luck!

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