Soul of Eden is Officially Released

Soul of Eden is Available Now

Soul of Eden is officially released

No More Waiting! Soul of Eden is Officially Released

If you have been playing card battle for a while, chances are you would be eager to join a game in real-time, battling against other top players in the whole world.
Isn’t that right?

Well, you can finally put that dream to rest because that wish has now come true with Soul of Eden!
Soul of Eden is a real-time card battle game, where you can join a competitive card battle in a perfect mixture with a real-time strategy element.

The game has become available in Early Access and you can download it right now via Google Play Store.

Watch the storyline unfolds the battles between the six clans: Turing (Machine), Gardis (Republic), Lurkein (Mutant), Juphord (Demigod), Veritas (Empire), Saarn (Horde), in their brutal competition to get sacred books, “Bright Faith” and “Dark Truth”.

What is more, get your heart racing against time in Soul of Eden’s real-time card battle featuring four clans: Humans, Machines, Beasts, and even Aliens! All of which, you can experience in the most exciting 3D battle scenes with gorgeous and magnificent graphics.

How cool is that?!

No more waiting! Go to your Play Store right now and challenge yourself against numerous other professional players all around the world. Prove yourself to be the best strategist and become the top legends in the world of Eden!

Offense or defense, it’s entirely up to you!

Download Link: Soul of Eden


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