The Best SAO IF Beginner Guide

Sword Art Online: Integral Factor (SAOIF) is a new MMORPG open world for Android and IOS device. This SAOIF is published by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc and on March 2018 was released for Global. Since this game is an open world MMORPG, you have to increase your level in order to cope up with the enemies or monster. As a beginner in this game, there are several things you need to know so you will not left behind from other players. So here is SAO IF beginner guide that will help you in this game.

  1. Rerolling.

As a new player, you are allowed to do a very cheap Gacha to get some skill records to help you in your battle. This gacha is limited once per account. Since you can only do this gacha once, you have to get at least one powerful skill record. These skill records will be very helpful to increase your survivability in this game and to cope up with other advanced players.SAO IF rerolling guide

As it is a gacha, there are some random probabilities to get a powerful skill record. If you don’t get any 4-stars skill record, you have to repeat the gacha by doing some rerolls until you get at least one 4-stars skill record. This rerolling thing will be very frustrated, because usually you have to do 4 or 5 times reroll in order to get at least one 4-stars skill record. But there is an easy and fast guide to do this reroll. You can see how to do reroll easily here.

  1. Weapon Selection. SAO IF beginner guide

In this Sword Art Online: Integral Factor you can choose your own weapon. There are 7 kinds of weapon. Choose your weapon carefully because later you have to focus on increasing the weapon proficiency. We strongly recommend you to choose maximum two kinds of weapon. Here are the weapons that you can choose: (If you equip one handed weapon, you can also equip a shield in another hand).

  • Sword (1H): Balance between the damage, attack speed and the mobility.
  • Rapier (1H): Low damage, high attack speed, high mobility.
  • Dagger (1H): Low damage, high attack speed, high mobility.
  • Mace (1H): High damage (AOE Skill), low attack speed, low mobility.
  • Spear (2H): High damage (AOE skill), high attack speed, low mobility.
  • Axe (2H): High damage (AOE Skill), low attack speed, low mobility.
  • Arrow (2H): High damage, High attack speed, low mobility.

You can equip maximum 2 kinds of weapon with you. Some monsters are weak against certain weapon, so try to equip 2 different kinds of weapon.

There are correlations between your weapon and the skill records that you obtain. Some skill records can only be equipped when you also equip a certain weapon. For example: if you decide to take a sword as your main weapon, you can only equip sword skill record as your ability. So in order to choose the best weapon, you should consider these two options:

  • You decide what kind of weapon first (The most suitable weapon with your game play style) then you do the reroll until you get at least one 4-stars skill record of your weapon type.
  • You do the Gacha and the reroll until you get at least one 4-stars skill, then your main weapon selection will adapt the skill records that you obtain. SAO IF beginner guide

You can also equip weapon to your partner (Koharu). Make sure you also choose the best weapons and skill records for your partner because she will be very helpful in completing missions.

  1. Enhancing.SAO IF Beginner Guide

The third tips about SAO IF beginner guide is about enhancing. You can enhance your equipment and your skill records using some stone materials (for equipment), or record frame materials (for skill records). What you have to keep in mind is, don’t waste your enhancing materials for some equipment or skill records with a low-star base.

For equipment, you should enhance your equipment only when you have some trouble finishing the quests. Other than that, you should keep your equipment in current state because in the higher level you can craft some equipment with better base stats and you have spent all your enhancing materials for the previous equipment.

For Skill records, enhance only at least 3-stars skill records and focus to maximize those skill records to the max level.

You can enhance your equipment and skill records by talking to the blacksmith.

  1. Daily Missions.

Every day you will be given some different missions with different rewards. Try to finish all the daily missions and collect the rewards. The rewards can be in the form of Col (In-game currency), Arcana gems, or materials.

You can access the daily mission from the menu → Quest → Accepted Quests. SAO IF beginner guide

  1. Events.

There are some in-game events that given periodically. You should participate in those events as many as you can, because there are some limited time rewards that you can get as rewards in the events. Those kind of item usually will not appear for the second time.

Other than that, you can also find some gacha events that offer discount, rare costume, or rare skill records with higher probability.

Make sure you check the announcement as often as possible, so you will not miss the events.

You can access the event notifications from menu → setting → Notifications. SAO IF beginner guide

  1. Sub-Quests.

The next SAO IF beginner guide is about sub-quest. As the story goes on, the main quest will be updated. You have to complete the main quest in order to go further in this game. The most important thing in the MMORPG games is to level up your character as fast as possible. This leveling up will consume a lot of time. We know that the main quest will give you high EXP to level up, but finishing main quests only will not be enough. You also have to take some Sub Quest while finishing your main quests.

Some sub-quests have the same goals with the main quest. So by taking then finishing the main quest and the sub-quest at the same time will save your time in leveling your character. Besides, some sub-quest sometime offer you with better rewards.

You can find NPC (Non Playable Character) with sub-quest by accessing your Map. There will be an exclamation mark in the map. Go to that mark, and talk to the NPC. SAO IF beginner guide

  1. Currency.

The most valuable currency in this game is arcana gems. You can only obtain this arcana gems by finishing quests, get achievements, or top up. This Arcana gems can be used for buying costume/avatar and gacha skill records. If you are free to play (F2P) player and wish for a long survivability in this game, you have to use those arcana gems wisely and aim for the best skill records.

  1. Party.

Since it is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG), you can meet and interact with other players. We suggest you to join or form a party when you try to accomplish a mission. It will be much easier and faster to finish the missions when you are in a party. If you are lucky, you can meet some pro players and ask them some information related to this game.

  1. Join forum.

The last tips for SAO IF Beginner guide is to join forum. Find and join some forums related to this Sword Art Online: Integral Factor. From that forum, you can get some information about events, tips and trick, and guidance related to this game. Don’t hesitate to ask some questions in that forum and say that you are a newbie player.

Those are 9 tips of SAO IF beginner guide that will help you in the beginning of the game. You will be able to find some advance thing about this game after you play this game for several days.

Hope this SAO IF beginner guide will be very useful for you.


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