The Best Survival Heroes Guide for Beginners

Survival Heroes Guide

Survival Heroes Guide Survival Heroes is a brand new mobile game developed by Snail Games that combine two most popular genre, MOBA and Survival Game. This game is available for Android and IOS and has been downloaded by more than a million players. If you are new in this game, you need some Survival Heroes guides in order to catch up with other players. In this section we provide you the best Survival Heroes guide so you can play this game like a pro.

  1. Weapon and Equipment

Survival Heroes Guide

The first and the most important thing in this Survival Heroes guide is about knowing the weapons and equipment. In this game you will be provided with many kind of weapons and each weapon has its own unique skills.

Learn about their skills so you know their strength and weakness. Knowing their strength and weakness will help you to choose your favorite weapons and help you when you face other players in the battle. Learn and Master at least 2 kind of weapons because when you are in the battle the weapons will be randomly available. Choose your favorite weapon that is suitable with your game style. Some players are prefer to use range attack, and some are prefer with melee attack.

Survival Heroes Guide

After you choose your favorite weapon, choose and set your equipment that can maximize your weapon skill. If your weapon deals a physical attack, then choose equipment that increase physical attack. Or if your weapon strength is its speed, then choose equipment that increase the attack speed. There are six equipment in this game; Helmet, Armor, Pants, Boots, Necklace, and Binocular.

You can see all weapons and their skills in the Armory Menu. In this menu, you can unlock some new weapons by spending gold or tickets and also see what equipment that is used by top players.Survival Heroes Guide

  1. Runes


The Second Survival Heroes guide is about Rune. You can equip your character with runes and this runes will give you additional stats. These runes are available from level 1 until level 5. The higher the level, the better stats you will get. You can get rune from mission reward, or you can also buy it by spending your gold or diamond.

Choose runes that suitable with your weapon. If you use a physical attack weapon, then choose runes that will support your physical attack. Some players underestimate this rune because they think rune will not give any big different result in the battle. If there are two players are fighting empty-handed with no equipment, the one that has better rune will win the fight.

You are provided with two rune slot, and you can add up to 9 slots by spending 200 diamonds for each slot. You can set your runes by going to the Runes Menu, at the bottom left side of the main screen. Survival Heroes Guide

  1. Control Setting

 Survival Heroes Guide
Control Setting

Go to the game setting, and set your control setting to your most convenient setting. This control setting will affect your battle. In the control setting, you can choose the default setting, or advance setting. The advance setting allows you to do some various action like choose your target between monsters or boxes.

You can change your control setting by going to the setting (icon on the top right corner) then control setting. In this menu, you can also change your graphic setting.

  1. Preparation

 Survival Heroes Guide

Before you enter the battlefield, there will be some time to gather the players. When you are waiting for other players, you can do some preparations like choose and try this round’s weapon drops, or select one item to take with you into the battlefield.

As we said in the first Survival Heroes guide, the weapons for each round will be randomly provided. In the preparation time, you can look, try or even buy the weapons directly before you go to the battlefield. That is why you need to master at least 2 kind weapons in order to survive in the battlefield.

 Survival Heroes Guide

For the item, since you are allowed to take only one item. We recommend you to choose item that will help you to escape in the crisis time. You can choose either SPD potion, Invisibility Potion, Group Heal potion or teleport potion.

  1. Jumping

 Survival Heroes Guide

Before you jump from the Airship, you need to take a look at the map for the Airship route and also Mystery Shop drop item. By paying attention to the route, you can decide where to jump. We recommend you to jump into the area that has many houses. Many houses mean many boxes and chests, many boxes and chests mean many weapons, items and equipment that you can collect.

After you jump from the airship, you need to get to the ground as fast as possible so you can collect items faster than the other players. In order to do that you need to do these 3 things.

First, after you jump (without the parachute) on the directional control, hold the up direction. By holding the up direction, it will increase your falling speed.

 Survival Heroes Guide

Second, tilt the camera facing the ground. This will also increase your falling speed.

The last thing is, do not open your parachute. Keep doing the first and the second steps. The parachute will automatically open when you reach the bottom line. If you open the parachute early, it will slow your falling speed. You can adjust your position after the parachute opened and if you want to fall faster with the parachute, you just need to let it go by itself.

By doing those three steps, you can get to the ground faster than other players. These three steps are Survival Heroes guide only few people know.

 Survival Heroes Guide
Mystery Shop

Beside the route, you also need to pay attention to the mystery shops. These mystery shops provide you with some great items, with of course high prices. By knowing which mystery shop provides certain item, you can decide your route after you jump from the airship. You can take a look at the mystery shops drop item by opening the map. The mystery shops drop list will be appear at the right side of the map.

  1. Battlefield

The next Survival Heroes guide is when you are in the battle field. After you land, you need to grab weapon as fast as possible. You don’t need to be picky about weapon. A pan is much better than a fist. You can choose your favorite weapon later after you get at least one “Yellow Color Weapon” (main weapon). Focus on the weapon first and then you can collect other equipment and also supporting item.

Survival Heroes Guide

While you are looking for equipment, you also need to aware to your surroundings. You can use “Scout” to reveal other players near you. This “Scout” button also allow you to know what weapon other players use and also their remaining HP. After that you can decide whether you want to fight or flight. Besides that, there will be a footstep sign when there is enemy near you. Pay attention to this footstep sign. This sign can save your life.

Survival Heroes Guide
Survival Heroes Guide

Level up your character by opening chests, destroying boxes, or killing monsters. Your level will affect your damage output. The higher the level, the more damage you will deal with your basic attack or skills. The maximum level is 10, so you need to level up as fast as possible.

Since this game is a survival game, the main goal in this game is to survive. You don’t need to be in rush killing other players even though killing other players will give you a lot experiences to level up. You need to prepare yourself first in order to survive and be at least 5 last persons that survive. You don’t actually need to become the last one survive in order to climb up the rank. By becoming at least the 5 last persons survive you can still get many points for your rank.

You can take advantage in other players’ battle. When they are fighting, you can wait and hide in the bush until their HP is low. After that, you can launch your attack to them and the victory will be yours. If you are planning to do this strategy, we recommend you to use weapon that has an AOE skill.

If you are in a team battle, you need to pay attention to the composition of the team. If your teammates use melee weapon, you need to support them with range weapon. Besides, using the same weapon in a team will reduce the damage output of the weapon.Survival Heroes Guide

Use Goblin Mortar as your defense in the late game. When the safe area become very small, you can put a Goblin Mortar in the middle of the safe area as your defense. This mortar deals quite a high damage, and will be automatically upgraded as the battle goes on. You can buy or get Goblin Mortar from the Supply Chest or in the Mystery Shop.

  1. Join Community and Keep Practicing

The last Survival Heroes guide is to join community and keep practicing. You can join any Survival Heroes community like Guild, Survival Heroes Official Forum, Facebook Page or Group to enrich your knowledge about this game, learn some strategies and also practicing your survival skills.

Those are 7 point of Survival Heroes guide for you who are still new in this game. This guide is created for the beginners so they can keep up with other pro players. Hope this guide will be very helpful for you.







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