The Best The Flash AOV Guides, Item build, and Skills

The Flash AOV Guides, Item build, and Skills

The Flash AOV Guides, Item build, and SkillsAOV has been releasing many heroes with various role such as Tank, Warrior, Archer, Mage, and Support. In the previous discussion we have talked about several heroes (like Astrid, Cresht and Arum). In this discussion, we are going to discuss a DC Universe hero The Flash. In AOV The Flash takes a role as a mage/assassin hero. So, here are some The Flash AOV guides, item build, and skills.

  1. The Flash AOV guides, item build, and skills #1: “ATTRIBUTES”

    • The Flash’s damage will be a Magic damage.
    • The Flash has a little bit lower Magic damage compared to the other pure Mage Heroes.
  2. The Flash AOV guides, item build, and skills #2: “SKILLS”

    • Passive – “SONICBOOM”: Every time The Flash moves 4 units, he will receive one stack of speed force. Upon reaching 10 stacks, The Flash will activate the speed force, strengthening his next normal attack while dashing forward. He also temporarily reduces his target’s movement speed by 50% and deals magic damage. When he hits his target, he gains a shield of 350.
      • Whenever The Flash moves 4 units, he will receive one stack of speed force. After 10 stacks, his normal attack will dashing forward, deal more magic damage, and slow target’s movement speed by 50%. After that, he will get a shield that absorb 350 damage.
      • The Flash only needs to move 40 units to reactivate his passive skill.
    • Skill 1 – “SUPER SPEED”: After short charge up, The Flash dashes forward, dealing 200 Magic damage to all enemies in his path. The Flash cannot be controlled while dashing and can cancel the dash by using another ability. When The Flash reaches his destination, he can activate the skill again, to return to where he started, dealing 200 magic damage. Enemies damaged by the initial dash are dealt an additional 300 magic damage
      The Flash AOV Guides, Item build, and Skills
      Skill 1
      • This skill will be The Flash’s favorite skill. This skill has 200/220/240/260/280/300 magic damage, additional 300/330/360/390/420/450 Magic damage to the same enemies when The Flash returns, and 12/11/10/9/8/7 seconds cooldown.
      • While dashing, The Flash will be immune to damage and crowd control.
      • The Flash can use another skill while he is dashing, but it will stop the dashing.
      • After The Flash casts this skill, he will leave a Flash mark where he starts the cast.
      • This skill can be used again, and The Flash will return to the place where he started dashing.
      • This skill can reach a very long distance and also can be used to go through wall.
    • Skill 2 – “MACH PUNCH”: The Flash channels the speed force and punches an enemy 5 times within 0.8 seconds, dealing 120 magic damage every time. The last punch deals double damage and when it hits an enemy, grant The Flash an 80% movement speed increase that weakens over 2 seconds.
      The Flash AOV Guides, Item build, and Skills
      Skill 2
      • This skill will deal 120/150/180/210/240/270 magic damage to an enemy hero and it has 9/8.2/7.4/6.6/5.8/5 seconds cooldown. The last punch will deal double damage.
      • After damaging an enemy hero, this skill will increase The Flash’s movement speed by 80% for 2 seconds.
      • The Flash can use this skill while he is dashing in skill 1.
    • Ultimate skill – “CYCLONE”: The Flash takes off in a circle and creates a cyclone, dealing 80 magic damage to surrounding enemies for 2 seconds. While he is generating the cyclone, The Flash cannot be targeted by abilities and can move the cyclone’s position at 30% of his movement speed. 2 seconds later when The Flash stops, the vacuum from the cyclone pulls in surrounding enemies, dealing 400 magic damage.
      The Flash AOV Guides, Item build, and Skills
      Ultimate skill
      • In this skill, The Flash will circle around and deal 80/120/160 magic damage every time he hit surrounding enemies and has 50/45/40 seconds cooldown.
      • While The Flash is circling around, he cannot be targeted by enemies even the enemy tower.
      • At the end of the skill, the surrounding enemies will be sucked to the middle of the cyclone and take 400/600/800 magic damage.
      • The Flash still can move while he is circling around but with only 30% of his movement speed.
  1. The Flash AOV guides, item build, and skills #3: “ITEM BUILD”

The Flash is a Mage/Assassin hero, he is very dependent on his skills and his skills should be able to kill enemy heroes. In order to do that, his item build should be focused on the Magic damage, and Cooldown reduction (CDR).

The Flash AOV Guides, Item build, and Skills
Item Build
  • Loki’s Curse: Deals 30% extra damage to monsters and receives 30% more EXP.
  • Flashy Boots: 10% CDR, Movement Speed 60
  • Virtue’s Necklace: 140 Magic Power, 20% CDR, 300 Max Mana, 30Mana/5 sec.
  • Apocalypse: 200 Magic Power, 10% CDR.
  • Hecate’s Diadem: 200 Magic Power, 35% Magic Power, 75 Magic Pierce.
  • Rhea’s Blessing: 140 Magic Power, 10% CDR.
  1.   The Flash AOV guides, item build, and skills #4: “GAMEPLAY”

    • In the early game, you need to go jungle to farm. Build your item as fast as possible. You can be a carry for the team and dealing high damage to the enemies.
    • Use your first skill as wise as possible because that skill will be very helpful for an attack or a defense.
    • Make use of your first skill cast distance. You can reach a very long distance with the first skill. Use it to poke the enemy hero, because when you are dashing, you are immune to any attack.
    • If you want to attack an enemy hero with your first skill, measure the distance so you can deal damage again to the same enemy hero in your return.
    • While you are dashing, use another skill to cancel your dashing and stop immediately. You can use this method, to save you when you see enemy heroes are waiting in your destination, or your return spot.
    • Try to combine your first skill with your ultimate skill to chase enemy hero. Do not be afraid to use your ultimate skill when you are in the enemy tower’s area because you are immune to damage when you are circling around. After you finish with your ultimate skill, you can immediately dash back to your starting point.
    • You can be an initiator for a team fight. Use your first skill toward the enemies → Ultimate skill → Use your first skill again to run away.
    • Keep on practicing.
  2. The Flash AOV guides, item build, and skills #5: “STRENGTH & WEAKNESS”

      • The Flash has skills that quite handy to poke enemy heroes.
      • His first skill can be used for attacking and escaping.
      • The Flash is quite easy to use
      • He is not item dependent.
      • The Flash is quite fragile, if you are caught by enemy they will easily kill you.
      • His skills has a long cooldown time whereas, he is very dependent on his skills

Those are some The Flash AOV guides, Item Build, and Skills. If you are interested in other AOV heroes’ guides, you can visit here.

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