The Most Complete BarbarQ Guides for Beginners

BarbarQ guides for beginners
BarbarQ Awaken

BarbarQ Guides for BeginnersBarbarQ is a new Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games for Android and IOS. This game has become popular recently, and has been downloaded by millions people. If you are new in this game here are some BarbarQ guides for beginners who has just playing this game.

  1. Gameplay

  • BarbarQ is a 3vs3vs3 game. You team up with 2 other players against 2 other teams.
  • There are 5 mode games: BarbarQ Arena, Dark Adventure, Versus AI, 1VS1 and Create A room.

    BarbarQ guides for beginners
    BarbarQ game mode
  • BarbarQ Arena
    • In this mode, you join in a league. There are 7 categories in this league which are; Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Dragon, Barbarian King and Titans.
    • Your main purpose is to collect as many mushrooms as you can and become the Master Evil. You can get mushrooms by doing this things: Collecting mushrooms around the field, Killing other players, and attacking the Monster Mushrooms. You will be Mastecr Evil when you collect the most mushrooms.create
    • You compete against 2 other teams. The first and the second place team will get a key and a star. Collect 3 keys to open the treasure chest. Collect stars to go to the next level league. The higher your league is the rarer items you will get when you open the treasure chest.

      BarbarQ guides for beginners
      BarbarQ Arena Chest
    • You can play solo, team up with your friends, or nearby players
  • Dark Adventure
    • In this mode you team up with one other player, compete against 2 other teams to get away from the darkness and be the last person standing. There are some chest in the battle area, and you can get various items to support you by opening the chests.
    • You will get rooster as the rewards according to the gold that you invested. Roast Chicken can be used to exchange gift souls in Roast Chicken Shop.
    • You can play solo, team up with your friends, or nearby players

      BarbarQ guides for beginners
      BarbarQ Dark Adventure
  • Versus AI
    • In this mode you can train yourself by fighting against AI.
    • You can choose the difficulties; Easy, Normal, Difficult, Hell I, Hell II, Hell III.
    • You can get one key by playing this mode 5 times by yourself. (max 1key everyday).

      BarbarQ guides for beginners
      BarbarQ Versus AI
  • 1 VS 1
    • In 1vs1 Player, you fight one on one against random other player.
    • Each battle will costs you 10 Gems.
    • If you win, you will get 15 Gems and 280 Gold. If you lose you will get only 100 Gold.
    • You can go 1 vs 1 battle maximum 50 times a day.

      BarbarQ guides for beginners
      BarbarQ 1v1
  • Create a room
    • In this mode, you can create your own battle mode. There are BarbarQ Arena, BFF melee, Showdown, Crazy Item, Killer vs Killer, Showdown (double).
    • BarbarQ Arena game mode is just for fun. There are no reward in it. The game play just like a usual battle in BarbarQ Arena
    • BFF Melee game mode is a 2v2v2. You cannot attack other players in this mode (direct attack or item attack). In order to win, you have to defeat other players by setting trap and darkness.
    • Showdown game mode is a one on one battle mode. The one who defeat the enemy 3 times will be the winner.
    • Crazy item game mode is a one on one battle mode. This mode similar with showdown, but in this mode you have to defeat your enemy 3 times by using items.
    • Killer vs Killer game mode is a 1v1v1 battle. You have to defeat all players and be the last person in order to win.
    • Showdown (Double) game mode is the similar mode with Showdown, but in this mode you team up with other players and the first team that have defeated enemy team 5 times will be the winner.

      BarbarQ guides for beginners
      BarbarQ Create Room
  1. Character

  • There are 6 characters that you can play. Each character has their own ability.
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BarbarQ guides for beginners
BarbarQ characters
  • Each Character can be awaken. Awakening process can be done up to 5 times. Each awakening level will give your characters some new stats. You can awaken your characters using certain items. The success rate of the awakening process is decreased, depends on the awakening level. When you reach awakening level 5, you can unlock special ability.

    BarbarQ guides for beginners
    BarbarQ Awaken
  • Each Character can be trained. You can train your character by using skill point. You can get skill point every time your level goes up.
  • There are 6 permanent abilities that you can upgrade; Weapon Master, Energy Steal, Strong Body, Hammer Enhance, Develop in Balance, and Bomb Ball Enhance.
    • Weapon Master: Increase Attack damage per level.
    • Energy Master: Increase the Energy Regen Speed per level.
    • Strong Body: Increase Max HP per level.
    • Hammer Enhance: Increase Hammer Lighting damage per level.
    • Develop in Balance: Increase Max Energy per level.
    • Bomb Ball Enhance: Increase Bomb Ball damage per level.

      BarbarQ Guides for Beginners
      BarbarQ Training
  1. Skills

  • There are 18 skills that you can obtain. There are active skills, passive skills, and support skills.
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  • You can equip maximum 5 skills for your character. Before the battle you are allowed to equip only one skills and the rest 4 skills will be obtain in the battle.
  • In battle, in order to get another skills, you have to collect mushrooms and achieve certain points. You will be given 3 random skills and you have to choose one skills each time.
  • Try to choose skills that your team need. You can be a defender, attacker or support for your team according to the skills that you choose.

    BarbarQ guides for beginners
    BarbarQ skills
  1. Pet

  • There are 64 pets that you can obtain.
  • You are allowed to bring only one pet in battle.
  • These pets are divided into 5 level rarity (A, B, C, D, and E). This rarity is shown by the letter at the bottom left corner of the pet. The rarer the pet is the more advantages you will get from the pet.

    BarbarQ guides for beginners
    BarbarQ Pet
  • You can get the pet by collecting the pet’s soul from the chest reward, or you can buy it in the shop by using the gem. You need gold to merge the pet’s soul.
  • Try to choose your pet wisely.
  1. Footprint and Emoji

  • You can equip your character with your favorite footprint and emoji.
  • This footprint and emoji will not give any damage in the battle.

    BarbarQ guides for beginners
    BarbarQ Emoji
  1. Guild

  • You can join in a guild to have more interesting experience in this game or you can create your own.
  • In order to create a guild, you need to reach level 8 and it will cost you 300 gems.
  • You can choose your own Banner, Totem, and Decoration for your guild.

Those are some BarbarQ guides for beginner players who have just playing this game. This BarbarQ guides will be updated along with the game update.

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