Tower of Fantasy Basic Guide

Tower of Fantasy Basic Guide

Tower of Fantasy is an MMORPG Open World developed by Hotta Studio that has a great graphic and some interesting features. After the previous 2 Closed Beta Test, this game is finally release its official version. Unfortunately, this game is still in Chinese and there is still information about the English version. So, if you are interested in this game and want to play it, you might need to know some basic things related to this Tower of Fantasy game. In this article we provide you with a list of Tower of Fantasy basic guide to help you playing this game better. However this guide is based on the Chinese version, so if they release the English version and there are some changes, we will update it as soon as possible.

Here is the 6 Points of Tower of Fantasy basic guide:


  • You can create your own character and it is not a gender-locked, so you can choose between a male or female character. Besides, you can also customize your character’s appearance like the face, the hair, and the costume.
    Tower of Fantasy Basic Guide
    Tower of Fantasy Basic Guide
  • It uses a Battle Power as the indicator of your character’s strength. You can increase your Battle Power by leveling up your character, upgrading your equipment or collecting strong weapons and allies (Mimic)


  • There are many kinds of weapons that you can obtain in this game like Spear, Bow, Revolver, Big Gun, Staff, Sword, Broad Sword, Dual Sword, Shield Cube, etc.
  • Each Weapon has its own skills, elements, and even roles whether as a Damage Dealer, Tanker, or Healer. Besides, when your weapon’s bar is full, you can unleash an ultimate skill.
  • The weapon’s rarities are divided into three categories which are R (Blue color weapons), SR (Purple color weapons) and SSR – the rarest weapons (Orange color weapon). For the SR and SSR weapons, you will also obtain Mimics. The higher the rarity is the better stats it has.
  • You can obtain your weapon by completing the main stories, or from the Summon method. Besides, the weapon that you get from the stories are only R type of weapon. If you want to get higher weapons like SR or SSR, you have to go to the Summon method.
  • You can equip your character with 3 different type of weapons with the same or different type of elements. We suggest you to equip your character with different type of weapons (Melee and Ranged) and also different type of elements (Fire, Thunder, Ice).
  • For players who have many weapons builds, there are 3 slots available for you to create some builds with different combination of the weapons.
  • To increase your power, you can upgrade your weapon’s level but it cannot exceed your character’s level. Moreover, you can also breakthrough your weapon’s limit by increasing their star using the same weapon (Duplicate) as the material.


  • Mimics are some in-game characters that have their own kind of weapon, element, and skills.
  • These Mimics take a big part in your character’s strength because by owning some great mimics will increase your battle power much. Besides, the weapons that you use (for SR and SSR weapons) come from these Mimics.
  • You can obtain these Mimics from the Summon method with a certain drop rate.
  • Mimic rarities are divided into 2 categories. They are SR – Type Mimic (Mimic with Purple Color) and SSR (Mimic with orange color). The higher the rarity is the better stats they have.
  • If you are bored with your character, or you love one of those Mimics, you can switch your main character to that Mimic. So, you can switch between one Mimic to another Mimic that you have obtained and mix match them with different type of weapons. For example, a little girl using a big gun, or even a big man using a cute staff.
  • If you play as one Mimic and equip him/her with his/her true weapon, there will be a cool animation appears when you cast the ultimate skill.
  • You can also change the outfit of your Mimics with some available costumes.


  • Equip your character with the best available equipment.
  • You can equip your character with some equipment like helmet, glove, shoes, even a shoulder guard to increase your battle power.
  • The grade of the equipment are divided to 5 categories. They are white → Green → Blue → Purple → Orange. White equipment is the lowest grade weapon but easiest to get and Orange equipment are the best grade but they are the most difficult equipment to get.
    Tower of Fantasy Basic Guide
  • You can obtain your equipment from the dungeon rewards. The more difficult the dungeon is, the better rewards you will get.
  • To increase your equipment stats, you can upgrade and enhance them. The upgrading and enhancing level will automatically moved if you change your equipment.

World Map Exploration

  • If you like an Open World concept, you will not easily get bored with this game’s exploration
  • There are many things you can explore in this game’s world like finding and opening chests, collecting cooking materials, defeating some monsters, climbing the highest mountain, finding the hidden photo spots, cracking riddle, etc.
  • You can find some teleport towers around the world, and after they are activated, you can use them to help you reach a certain location.
  • For the more detail guide of the exploration features you can check some links below:
    • ADA Cooking Recipe (Limited Event)
    • World Exploration


  • There are many challenges available for you with some interesting rewards, and after you complete the challenge you will also get some activity points. You will get some rewards when you reach a certain activity points.
  • There are 4 daily activities available each day and they have different level of difficulties. The difficulties are from C type of mission to S type mission. By completing the daily mission you will get rewards like EXP, Gold, Gacha tickets and upgrading materials. The higher the difficulty is the better reward you will get.
  • There are many dungeons you can challenge with some various rewards. It cost some energies to enter a certain dungeon and it will replenish over time. Because it costs some energies, we recommend you to choose the dungeon with your most needed rewards.
    Tower of Fantasy Basic Guide
  • For the dungeon challenge, you can create a party or if you quite confidence with your character’s power, you can go solo.
  • If you like a PVP mode, there is a PVP mode in this game. It is called APEX League. You will fight against other player one on one and player who win twice will be the winner.

Those are 6 points of Tower of Fantasy Basic Guide that we can provide so far. We will update this guide soon if we find some other things, or if there are some changes in the game.

We hope this Tower of Fantasy Basic guide is helpful and enjoy the game

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