Tower of Fantasy World Exploration Guide

Tower of Fantasy is a new MMORPG Open World game that has many interesting features to play. One of them is about the world exploration puzzle. So, when you are exploring the world in the Tower of Fantasy, you will find some puzzle to solve to complete your world exploration achievement, and also to get some interesting rewards. Some of these puzzles are easy to solve, some of them are quite tricky and you need some efforts to solve the puzzle. However, there are more than 5 types of puzzles to solve, and in this section, we will give you a list of Tower of Fantasy World exploration guide so you can solve those puzzles easier.


This guide based on the Tower of Fantasy Chinese Version, there might be some differences with the global version.

  • Kerosene Flower, Asphalt Cave, and Thorn

For these three puzzles, if you find them, you can use your fire element weapon to melt the oil, asphalt, and thorn, so you can get the black ore

  • Dandelion

Hit the Dandelion with any kind of weapon, then after the dandelion scattered, use your ranged type weapon to hit the flying Dandelion to get the black ore


  • Eating Plant

Find a ball monster around the eating plant area, lift the ball monster, and then throw it at that eating plant. The Eating Plant will vomit the black ore


  • Geothermal Lava

Use your ice-element weapon to hit the Geothermal Lava to get the black ore

  • Mushroom

This kind of puzzle is a little bit tricky. You need to jump on the mushroom with the correct order. If you step on the correct order mushroom, there will be a blue light appears on that mushroom, then you can continue with the next mushroom. If the blue light doesn’t appear on the next mushroom, it means that you step on the wrong mushroom, then you need to repeat it again with the correct order. The pattern of the order is usually from the biggest to the smallest mushroom, or the opposite.

  • Stone Plate

Equip a Bridge-Gun device and you will receive that device in the Ruin A-03 Easy Mode. After you equip that gun, shoot at the stone plate that has a cylinder picture on it. Wait for a while, and the black ore will appear on the other stone plate.

  • Singularity Stone

Singularity Stone puzzle is a puzzle with a human statue lifting a globe. To solve this puzzle, you need to blow the globe using singularity cube device. You will get the device in the ruin A-02 Easy Mode.


Equip with a missile gun device to destroy the big stone, so you can get through to the cave. This device will be available after you finish the beginner tutorial.

So, that is the list of Tower of Fantasy world exploration guide so far, and if we find the other puzzles in the world exploration, we will update this list as soon as possible. We hope this guide can help you complete your world exploration achievement, and get all rewards.

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