VGAME Opens its Closed Beta Test

VGAME, an action RPG game opens its Closed Beta Test for Android on October 23, 2019. For those who join the Closed Beta Test will be rewarded 60 Gacha tickets at the beginning of the game. These rewards can only be obtained until October 25, 2019. Unfortunately, the data of the game will be reset after the Closed Beta Test finish and there is still no information about the official release. For the language, this game is still in Chinese with Japanese voice actors and if you want to try the game you can download it from Taptap. (Link)

If you want to know about the gameplay, it is an action RPG with Anime-style graphics and you can collect your heroes from the Gacha. That’s why you are rewarded with those 60 ticket Gacha, so you can try some characters in this game. Just like any other Action RPG game, a different character will use a different kind of weapon and a different kind of weapon has its own unique skills. Choose one that most suitable with your battle style.

Since this game is still in Closed Beta Test, you might find some errors, bugs or lags while playing the game, and there will be many updates to fix these before the official release.

If you are having trouble with the sign in, you can follow these steps.

  1. Choose second optionVGAME opens its Closed Beta Test
  2. Again, second optionVGAME opens its Closed Beta Test
  3. Choose second Tab
  4. Create Password and Confirm it
  5. Close it
  6. Enjoy the Game


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