WOD Guide How to Level Up Fast

Level Up fast WODWorld of Dragon Nest (WOD) is a new MMORPG game series of Dragon Nest by Nexon. Just like any other MMORPG games, in this game, level is one of the most important things to focus on. By increasing your level, you can unlock more features that will help you to strengthen your character. If you want to level up fast in World of Dragon Nest (WOD) you have to get a lot of EXP and there are many tips on how to get a lot of EXP. So here is the World of Dragon Nest – WOD guide on how to level up fast. Besides, your CP (Combat Point) will also become higher along with your character’s level (See: How to increase CP fast)

  1. SPAWOD Guide

Before you go with your quests, we suggest you go to Spa in Saint Heaven to get the Combat Buff and EXP Buff. In this Spa, you will get two kinds of Buff; one is Spa Buff and the other one is Mint Bath Salt Buff. SPA Buff changes every day, and it is random. This Buff can be an ATK Buff, Critical Buff, Defend Buff, etc. The Mint Bath Salt Buff is EXP Buff and if you maximize its level till level 5, you can get 150% EXP Obtain rate Buff for 120 minutes. The maximum level of those two Buffs is 5 levels.

  1. Quests

There are 4 kinds of quests which are: Main Quests, Area Quests, Request Quests, and Daily Quests.

  • Main Quest:WOD Guide

Main Quest or Story Quest is the Key Quest because when you finish this quest you will go on with the story and also you can unlock new areas and features. This quest is your basic quest, so you have to focus on this quest first until you reach the CP (Combat Point) or level limit. This Quest gives you the second highest EXP among all those 4 quests.

  • Area Quest:WOD Guide

Area Quest is a quest that requires you to eliminate a certain number of monsters, and doing some actions. The location of this quest is shown with Blue Exclamation Mark on the map.

For Area Quests, you don’t need to take the quests. The Area Quests will appear when you pass the Area. Some of these quests will automatically appear when you go with your Main Quests.

  • Request Quest:WOD Guide

For this quest, you need to take action by talking to the NPCs that have the quests. These NPCs are shown with Green Exclamation Mark on the map. To save your time, you can take and finish this quest while doing your main quests.

  • Daily Quest:WOD Guide

This quest is the second most important quest to finish because this quest gives the highest EXP among those 4 quests. This quest requires you to eliminate a huge number of monsters in a certain area and some of them require you to form a party. You can take this quest by going to the menu → Quest → Daily. You can also access all 4 quests from this menu. Because this quest is reset every 12 hours, make sure you finish this quest before it is reset.

  1. PartyWODN Guide

The next World of Dragon Nest – WOD guide is about party. By forming a party will help you a lot with your hunting and raising your level. Party will also give you EXP increasing Buff depends on the member in your party. You can form up to 4 members in your party and with the maximum member, you will get 30% EXP buff.

  1. Special DungeonWODN Guide

Special Dungeon is a daily dungeon that will give you a lot of EXP and Gold. You can only enter this dungeon once a day with various levels depends on your character’s level. The higher the level, the more EXP you will get. Make sure you don’t miss this dungeon. You can access this dungeon by go to Menu → Dungeon → Special Dungeon.

  1. PetWODN Guide

The last World of Dragon Nest – WOD guide is a Pet. These little creatures can give various effects on your character. If you want to increase your EXP and level fast, choose a pet that has an EXP buff. Cats will give you additional Gold, while Dogs will give you additional EXP. The additional EXP you get will depend on the rarity of the Pet. The rarer the pet is, the more EXP you will get.

Those are 5 WOD guide on how to level up fast in WOD. These tips are just the basic steps, and these tips will be updated along with the game update. For other information, you can visit the official World of Dragon Nest (https://wod.nexon.com/)

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