WOE Guide Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

WOE Guide Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

WOE Guide Ragnarok Mobile Eternal LoveThe WoE (War of Emperium) episode is the most awaited event for most players in Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love (ROM). The date has not even been announced yet, but players and guilds have started preparing themselves by gearing up and even merging. So many players start to find the WOE Guide Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

So what is WoE in Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love, really? And why the high excitement?

Let us take a look and discuss in details.

What is War of Emperium?

WoE is a PVP (Player Versus Player) feature in ROM Eternal Love where guilds are at war and battle each other to fight over castles. The strongest guild will win the war and own the castle they have conquered. Each guild can only own one castle, and it will display the guild’s name, emblem, and their info. The guild that owns the castle will be able to access the castle’s facilities, and once they’ve owned

WoE is done twice a week with one-hour duration each. You can only participate in the war if you are a member of a guild, so you’d better start joining a guild of your choice.

Why Should You Join WoE (and WIN)?

As one of the most important events in the game, winning the WoE will give you several benefits:

  1. A Castle!

Winning the WoE will get your guild its own castle, on which your guild’s name and emblem will be engraved. It’s always cool to have your own castle, of course!

  1. Huge amount of Honor Proof

These items might seem trivial right now, but you will be needing millions of these to buy special tokens used for Valkyrie Blessings.

  1. Valkyrie Blessing Special Token

There will be special tokens you can purchase from the Vending Machine using honor proofs. There are 3 kinds of token: ATK, DEF, and ELEMENTAL, available for Valkyrie Blessing, and they are extremely important as a boost for your character stats.

You can only buy limited amount of tokens each week.

  1. Guild Rewards

Each guild that wins the WoE will receive chests that contain pieces and materials used for crafting the Artifacts, or known as God Items.

  • Occupy any town 1 time à 1 chest,
  • Occupy any town more than 2 times à 2 chests.
  • Occupy city NO.1 à 1 random chest,
  • Occupy city NO.1 twice consecutively à 2 random chests,
  • Occupy city NO.1 consecutively more than 3 times à 3 random chests.
  • Occupy city NO.2 & NO. 3 consecutively more than 3 times à 1 random chest.

These Artifact rewards are different from one castle to the other castles. It is important to win the castle that give the artifact that important for your guild.

  1. Individual Rewards

Players who participate in the WoE will all receive Random Chipset x2 and Proof of Honor x100. If you participate and won the WoE, you will also receive Random Chipset x2 and Proof of Honor x1200.

How to Play the WoE

  1. Join a guild and stay in the guild channel to participate in the WoE. If you don’t belong in any guild, you can still participate in the WoE, but won’t serve any purpose because you cannot damage/heal the Emperium.
  2. Win the battle and take over the castle located in cities/field marked with a castle flag.
  3. Each guild can only own one castle.

Winning Conditions

For Attacking Guild:

  • If your guild does not own any castle and intend to own one, you are the Attacking Guild.
  • Successfully locate and break the defending guild’s Emperium makes your guild the temporary defender of the castle.
  • As the temporary defender, you will have to defend the Emperium until the WoE ends.
  • Succesfully defend the Emperium without any harm for 15 minutes à

For Defending Guild:

  • If your guild is the castle owner, you automatically become the Defending Guild.
  • As the Defending Guild, you will have to defend the Emperium until the WoE ends.
  • Succesfully defend the Emperium without any harm for 15 minutes à
  • Should the Guild Leader or Guild Co-Leaders wish to surrender the castle, they may speak to The Guild Keeper.

During WoE

  • Team parties will consist of maximum 6 players (or kittycats).
  • HP amount will be added +400% for players of all classes.
  • No knockbacks.
  • Items banned: Fly Wings, Transformation Scrolls, Tickle Bars, Food Placement, and Summoning Tools.
  • Skills banned: Warp/Teleport skills and Play Dead.
  • If you’re dead, there will be cooldowns before you can be resurrected: if you die twice within less than 15 sec à revive CD +5s, if you stay alive for more than 30s, revive CD resets to 0.
  • Recovery items like Yggdrasil and Honey can still be used with recovery amount calculated according to HP amount in normal map.
  • Recovery items from Black Cat Café (Guild Hall) will be effective because it will recover HP according to WoE or PVP HP amount.
  • You can still use Yggdrasil Leaf even when you are silenced.
  • Forced Expel: If the Emperium is broken, all players from the defending guild will return to the saving point. If you die inside, you will also return to the saving point.
  • Manual Expel: you may manually expel dead players and send them bacl to the save point by clicking them.

About the Emperium

  • Race : Angel
  • Element : Holy
  • Size : Large

WoE Preparation Guide

  1. Make sure you have enough HP and SP recovery items. As you know that there are limited number of Priests and they simply won’t be able to handle everything. Be resourceful and independent!
  2. Make sure you have the right and sufficient equipment needed for your role in WoE.
  3. Master all the skills you have so you can better understand your role in the war.
  4. Prepare good communication services and devices, preferably voice communication programs.

WoE Basic Job Roles

  1. Buffers/Debuffers (Priests, Sages, etc.)
  • Heal, buff, revive, and repeat.
  • Stay away from killers.
  • Run and hide when attacked.
  1. Ranged DPS
  • Defending Guild: kill the enemy coming to the Emperium Room. Do not stay near the entrance, but snipe from a distance.
  • Attacking Guild: follow behind a tank and snipe.
  1. Wizards
  • Spamming different elemental skills in the entrance of the Emperium Room even when there’s nobody there (pre-casting).
  • Set different skills for each Wizards, at least 2 for each elements: 2 MS, 2 LoV, 2 SG or SC, etc.
  1. Melee DPS
  • Kill nearby enemy.
  • Stay around the entrance, next to the Emperium, or scatter and aim for anyone attacking the Emperium.
  • You are the Aces. Your main job is to protect everyone by killing the enemies, especially focused on the ones near the Emperium.
  1. Tank/High Survivability Jobs
  • Frontliners, damage tankers.
  • Paladins à use Devotion to protect your fragile glass cannons (high damage, low survivability), like Wizards.
  • High survivability jobs have to go first and work as damage takers and distractions so the team can follow up.

WoE Basic Strategy for Attackers/Offense

  1. Knights, Tanks, and distracters go in first, interrupting Wizards’ pre-casters. Usually they stay near the entrance.
  2. Team members follow and use ranged attacks, aiming the Wizards.
  3. Eliminating all the Wizards should be the first thing you do.
  4. While everyone is busy fighting, breakers sneak by and attack the Emperium. Don’t worry! Even if you cannot break the Emperium, at least you have distracted them!
  5. Keep the defender away from your breakers so they can break the Emperium.

WoE Basic Strategy for Defense

  1. Have your Wizards stay near the entrance and spam different skills on the entrance, preferably the ones that work as high damage or debuff like MS, SG, SC, and MP , to prevent the enemies from entering the room.
  2. Tanks stand by the front lines in attack mode, preferably utilizing status effect like Skeleton Card (3% chance of Stun).
  3. Have any players who can possess debuff skills follow them and spam the entrance with the skills.
  4. Don’t forget to spare some players to wander around and hunt hidden enemies.

WoE Players Details

  • Race : Human / Demi-human
  • Size : Medium
  • Element : Neutral (to be changed, depending on the element items, armor, and card)

WoE Basic Important Cards

  1. Marc Card : avoid freezing
  2. Thara Frog Card : survivability (30% demi-human reduction)
  3. Marduk Card : avoid silence
  4. Any card that has demi-human reduction. (Boosting def./m.def will be less effective because most of the players will equip themselves with [ignore def/m.def] skills.

Those are some preview and WOE guide Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love. This WOE event will be very fun to play. This event is the event that has been waited by many old players that play the classic RO.

Hope this article is useful. Thank you













WOE guide Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

WOE guide Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

WOE guide Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

WOE guide Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

WOE guide Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

WOE guide Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

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